How to Choose Shawls to Wear on Your Wedding Day

When you plan your apparel and accessories for your wedding day, the most important selection is your designer wedding dress in Columbus. Most brides also choose at least one accessory, such as a veil, a pair of earrings, a bracelet or a necklace. One accessory you might not have considered is a lace or knit shawl. These tips will help you to choose a shawl that perfectly coordinates with your wedding gown.

Coordinate the Lace

If your wedding dress has a lace panel, choose a shawl with a lace pattern that coordinates with it. Irish lace is a common type of lace used in wedding dresses. Celtic lace is another popular choice. Some lace panels in wedding dresses feature floral designs, and you could also choose this design element in your shawl.

Choose a Shape

Shawls for weddings come in a variety of shapes. Circular shawls provide ample coverage for your upper arms. There are also semicircular shawls that drape down your back and around your shoulders. Diamond, oblong, kite and triangular are also popular shapes for knit or woven shawls. You could coordinate the shape of the shawl with the shape of your dress, using a semicircular shape for a ball gown or a triangular shape for an A-line dress.

Choose Special Touches

Shawls can also have special touches, such as a silver or gold thread that adds sparkle. A silver thread would be delightful for a winter wedding accessory, while a gold thread in the shawl would look nice with the warm colors of autumn. You could also select a shawl that has been hand-beaded. The beads may be placed throughout the shawl or on the ends as fringe decorations.