The Best Dresses for Winter Brides

If you dream of getting married against a background of freshly fallen snow, then a winter wedding is a must for you. Of course, strapless dresses in sheer fabrics won’t cut it for winter warmth, especially not if you plan to take outdoor pictures. Instead of spending your big day with chattering teeth, follow these tips for selecting winter wedding gowns.

Long Sleeves

Full-length sleeves will keep your arms warm during a December wedding, and they lend an elegant and refined look to any dress. Sleeves can be made of the same material as the rest of the dress, or they can be in a contrasting material. Even sheer sleeves will lend some warmth, especially if the rest of your gown is a heavier material, so consider lace or chiffon sleeves. An alternative to long sleeves is three-quarter sleeves, which look particularly charming with an off-the-shoulder cut or a full skirt. If you happen to fall in love with a sleeveless gown when shopping at bridal stores in Columbus, don’t despair. Match the dress with long gloves to replicate the warmth of a long-sleeved design.

Fur Wraps

Regardless of which dress you choose, you will probably need an additional layer when walking in or out of venues. A wrap or jacket is particularly essential during an outdoor photo shoot. Plush fur, whether natural or synthetic, will look gorgeous in photos and will also keep you downright toasty. White or silvery gray would complement nearly any gown, but you could also select a bright fur wrap to match the colors that you have chosen for your ceremony.

Heavy Fabrics

The lightweight chiffons and crepes of summer are insufficient for a winter wedding dress. While you can incorporate these dreamy fabrics into a wedding dress for cold weather, you should select a dress made primarily of heavier materials. Brocade is a traditional winter fabric, and velvet is always rich and luxurious. There are also heavy silks and knits that would work for a winter bridal gown. Wearing a dress made of a substantial fabric is a beautiful way to stay warm throughout your winter celebration.