Tips for Getting Alterations at Bridal Shops in Columbus

When it comes to looking your best, it is not about how much you spend on your dress, but the way that it fits you. A gown that fits well can accentuate the parts of your physique that you love the most; helping you to feel confident and beautiful. Achieving the perfect fit is not as simple as buying a dress in your size as this can typically result in an ill-fitting gown. Before you start looking for bridal shops in Columbus, you should plan for some sort of alterations, regardless of what type of dress you get. Here are some tips to help you understand the process of having alterations done and how you should go about it.

Look for Bridal Boutiques That Do In-House Alterations

While most boutiques should definitely be able to at least refer you to a seamstress, you should choose a shop that has this service in-house. With a seamstress already on the premises, it can make it much easier for you to get your alterations done in a timely manner while keeping you from traveling back and forth. Furthermore, if you work with someone outside of the boutique, they might not have much experience with your particular gown.

Consider Your Budget When Choosing Bridal Shops in Columbus

While your boutique might give you a discount when using their alterations service, you should still expect to pay a few hundred dollars or more. There are different price levels depending on the type of alterations you are having done as well as how many you are getting. Although you won’t really know what type of alterations you might need or want until you get the dress, just remember that the more work you have done to your gown, the more it will cost. Therefore, before you actually purchase a gown, you should have an idea of whether you would want a basic alteration or a slight change in the design.

Knowing the Different Types of Alterations for Wedding Dresses

Because it is not always possible to find the perfect dress or have one made from scratch, altering a pre-made gown can be the best way to go. Whether you are changing the hem or the neckline, you can turn an off-the-rack gown into a customized masterpiece just by tweaking it here and there. If you’ve found a dress that looks absolutely perfect but might be a little too long, then a basic hemming might suit you just fine. Otherwise, you can alter the fit to suit your body shape, add detail such as beading and much more. For the most part, you can have almost any type of customization you desire as long as you have the budget to match your imagination.

What You Should Know When It Comes to Fittings

As the name implies, a fitting is simply you trying on the dress to ensure that it fits correctly. You should expect to have at least two fittings, but most bridal shops in Columbus will schedule more; especially if you are having a number of alterations done. Of course, you will have to do an initial fitting in order to determine what alterations will need to be made. After the first alterations are made, your seamstress will schedule another fitting just to make sure the fit is proper or if it needs adjusting.

What to Consider When Searching Bridal Shops Near Me

Just as you have to make a budget for your wedding as a whole, you must consider this when shopping for your dress as well. Remember, the number of alterations as well as the type of changes you make to your gown will have a significant impact on the costs. When you are looking for bridal shops in Columbus, make sure their dresses are within your budget as well as their fees for alterations. If you are not sure based on the information shown on their website, simply give them a call, and let them know what type of budget you are working with.

Give Yourself Plenty of Time

Keep in mind that even a basic alteration can take some time as the seamstress might have a back log of clients. Another thing you should be mindful of is that the fit of your dress might change as you get closer to your wedding date due to weight loss or weight gain. If you are having major adjustments made to your dress, these things should be done as early as possible as they can be very time-consuming. For this reason, it is often best to deal with a boutique that offers seamstress services in-house.

Ask Potential Boutiques About Their Process

Before you decide on a particular bridal store, it is important that you understand what their processes are like, so you can truly know if this is the best store for you. For instance, whether or not they allow walk-ins or if they only take appointments can be a major deciding factor if you are someone who is very pressed for time. During the shopping process, you might not want to make an appointment with every boutique just so you can browse. Also, if you purchase your gown from them, will you receive a discount on alterations, are you are allowed a certain number of free adjustments, et cetera. Since the fit of your dress is just as important as the look, you should make sure your seamstress has experience with your particular gown as well as body shape.

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