How to Deal With a Bridesmaid Who’s Living Abroad

Part of the fun of being a bride is getting ready for your big day with all of your bridesmaids. The wedding planning journey is full of fun activities like bridal showers, bachelorette parties and shopping for the perfect dresses at bridal stores in Columbus. However, when one of your bridesmaids is living overseas, some of the planning can get a bit tricky. Here’s how to keep her in the loop and make sure she’s ready for the big day.

Communication Is Key

It’s always a great idea for bridesmaids to e-mail one another as they go through the planning process. Communication is very necessary for planning all of the different outings and activities effectively. However, this is especially important when one of the bridesmaids is living abroad. Make sure to communicate with her often and to get a clear idea of what activities she will and won’t be able to attend. While she’ll certainly be present for the wedding, she might be absent at the bridal shower.

Tell Her to Get Her Dress Early

All bridesmaid dresses need to be altered. Your bridesmaid who’s living abroad should request her dress as soon as possible. Since she won’t be able to go to the bridal shop for an in-person fitting, she should send over her measurements so that the shop can best approximate what size she’ll need. She can then have the dress shipped to her country of residence, where she can get the necessary alterations. Shipping a dress overseas can take quite some time, so this is why it’s important she purchases it as soon as possible.

Be Sympathetic

Your bridesmaid who’s living abroad is probably more than a bit bummed that she’s going to miss out on so many important bonding experiences before the big day. Be sympathetic to her situation and remember that she would be there if she could. On your big day, don’t be surprised if she’s the most excited bridesmaid in the bunch.