Deciding on a Headpiece for Your Wedding Ceremony

There are two major things you will need to consider when choosing a headpiece for your special day. The first is the theme or aesthetic of your wedding while the other is the type of hairstyle you will be wearing. While a veil is most commonly worn during a traditional western wedding ceremony, a tiara or even a hat may due quite nicely as well.

When You Want a Super Glam Look

While you can dress up pretty much any of the above-mentioned headpieces, a tiara in and of itself is a statement piece that can help you achieve a glam look effortlessly. Even if your dress is on the subtle side, with the right accessories, your wedding day can go from modest to elegant in no time.

Adding a Modern Element to Your Wedding Ceremony

Rather than go with a traditional veil, you can create a more modern aesthetic by wearing a hat or a fascinator instead. This small hat can be worn to the side with just a small piece of netting attached to it, just enough to cover the eyes. However, if you are wearing a hairstyle that won’t quite complement a hat, you can always opt for a black bridal veil if you want to create a super modern aesthetic.

Choose Your Dress and Hairstyle First

When searching for wedding dresses in Columbus, not only should your headpiece match your dress, but it should also go well with your hairstyle. There will be lots of pictures taken of you throughout the entire day, therefore, you want to make sure that your look is cohesive from head to toe. Make sure that your headpiece will not take away from or ruin your hairstyle, and is functional as well as beautiful.