You know the perfect wedding dress as soon as you see it and try it on. Make sure that you have all the accessories and supplies you need when trying on all those wedding dresses.

Wedding Dress Checklist of What to Bring with You

You may try on dozens of wedding dresses before you find the right one that flatters your figure and makes you look amazing. Bringing the right things with you to the bridal shop ensures that you feel comfortable and that you have the energy needed to try on all those dresses.

Clothing and Accessories

Many brides think that they just need to make an appointment with a bridal shop, show up with a few friends and start trying on wedding dresses. This may leave you with a dress that does not work quite the way it needs to work. You might find that it is too short to work with the shoes you want to wear or that the wedding dress shows off a little too much cleavage when paired with the bra you want to wear. Bring along the undergarments you plan to wear on your big day and your shoes too. If you want to wear your hair in a certain way, try to recreate that look when trying on dresses to ensure the dress works with that hairstyle.

Stay Healthy

When looking at bridal stores, Columbus residents sometimes decide to visit multiple shops in the same day. That leaves those brides feeling stressed and nervous, and some may even feel panicky or anxious. Pack a bag filled with a few bottles of water and a few healthy snacks. Make sure that you stay hydrated throughout the day and that you eat a small meal every few hours or even every hour to keep your energy levels up and reduce your stress.

Look Your Best

When you find the perfect wedding dress, you will look your best. No matter how many wedding dresses you want to try on, always bring a small bag with you. Bring bottled water, a few snacks and all the accessories, shoes and clothing that you want to wear to make sure the dress looks its best.