What to Bring Dress Shopping at a Bridal Store

Many brides who are beginning the process of shopping for a wedding dress wonder what the experience will be like. After all, they have dreamed of buying the perfect wedding dress since they were a little girl, however, nerves often get in the way when it is time to shop for the perfect bridal gown. Following some simple tips will allow you to find the best dress for your special day.

Makeup and Hair

Most brides feel better when they are made up a little. While it is not necessary to go all out, putting on a little mascara and lipstick often gives the bride a boost of confidence helping the bride to feel better about themselves. Additionally, wearing your hair in a similar style as you plan to wear it on your wedding day can help you get a complete picture of how you will look on your wedding day.

Wear or Bring Undergarments

Brides need to wear or bring undergarments with them. In fact, most brides will want to bring a strapless bra and a push-up bra even if they think that they know what style of wedding dress they want to buy. Bringing both along will open up the possibilities of trying on a different option that they had not considered before. Additionally, bring shapewear if there is any possibility that you might wear it on your wedding day.


From cute pumps to high-heel sandals, women have many different choices in shoes. Furthermore, dresses change dramatically when you wear them with different shoes. Therefore, consider what style of shoe you will wear on your wedding day, and bring it along. Consider heel height as it can also dramatically change the look of a dress.

Bring One or Two Trusted Friends

Television shows are making it popular for brides to think that they should bring a whole entourage dress shopping. Most brides find these good-hearted friends more of a hindrance than a help when wedding dress shopping. Instead, bring along one or two trusted friends who are willing to tell you the truth.

Following these tips will help you maximize the experience of trying on wedding dresses at bridal stores in Columbus. Above all else, arrive at the store with an open mind so that you can leave having made the best decision.