Top Wedding Photograhy Photos for Your Big Day

Commemorate your wedding day with a blend of old and new, borrowed and blue wedding photographs for the album. Review this list of unique wedding poses to help create the visual keepsake for the bride’s special day. Pro tip: Request a photography session at your local bridal boutique before the wedding day since many of these photos can be taken there!

Something Old, Something New

Sentimental brides can look to there mother and future mother-in-law for inspiration for the something old element of this bridal photo shoot. Wearing her own wedding gown, pose to recreate a favorite photograph of the mother’s wedding day. Also, pose wearing a piece of family jewelry, or with favorite family photographs in beautiful frames placed behind the bride.

Another smart suggestion is to schedule a photo shoot at the site of the bride and groom’s first date or favorite date location. Wear the gown there to have a pictorial of the path from first date to wedding day.

Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Request to be photographed with a sentimental item from the future mother-in-law’s family to capture something borrowed. Borrow a classic car for a retro bridal shoot. Be sentimental and creative with a savvy “something borrowed” themed photo shoot.

For something blue, look no further than nature. Take a photograph with a beautiful blue sky as the background or the wide open sea. Find props that have a sentimental meaning to include in photographs. Other pose suggestions could be an arrangement of blue candles or the blue stained glass window of a church.

Be Unique, Be Creative, Be a Blushing Bride

Let the bride be stress-free on her wedding day with the knowledge that the bulk of the photographs have been taken before the big day. Remember to ask your bridal consultant, as she likely can give great tips.