Top 2019 Wedding Dress Bridal Trends to Embrace

The wedding dress that you wear as a bride will determine your overall look at the event as you walk down the aisle and have your first dance. It’s important to embrace the latest trends to ensure that you look both stunning and contemporary as a modern bride. Here are a few of the top wedding dress bridal trends to embrace for your special day in 2019.


Bows were a hit in the ’90s and have officially made a comeback as one of the top decorative features to find on wedding gowns. Bows make a statement and can be adorned on the back of the dress, on the shoulders, or the chest. You can also use them to draw attention to a specific feature on your body. The look is not only feminine but also adds a touch of romance to the wedding attire. You can even make it pop by selecting a dress with a rhinestone or glitter bow that adds a touch of sparkle to your gown.

Geometric Shapes

Modern wedding dresses now feature geometric shapes that create a stunning print that is unexpected and unconventional for those who want to take a risk and forego lace. The shapes can be used on a specific part of the dress or across the fabric for the bride that wants a unique look that can be found when shopping at a bridal boutique. Geometric shapes create a retro and vintage look that nods to the past and is also ideal for the boho bride.


Adorning yourself with a dress that is dripping in glitter will allow you to stand out at your wedding and look luxurious. Glitter adds extra shimmer to wedding attire and will look chic when used on specific pieces of the dress or the entire gown. Consider choosing a dress that features gold or silver glitter to create an upscale look that still works within the theme of the event.