Top Winter Wedding Dress Trends

The winter season is when the temperatures drop but is also a time when many couples get married. Although you may not wear a strapless gown in the cold temperatures, you can still feel beautiful in a dress that is appropriate for the season and looks gorgeous. When you’re newly engaged, there are a few winter wedding dress trends to consider when you’re getting ready to walk down the aisle.

Long Sleeves

Long sleeves may offer plenty of coverage, but they can also allow you to look lovely in a classic gown that has delicate features. Choose a dress with lace-adorned sleeves when you want a touch of elegance that is ideal for a winter wedding. Sleeves that are constructed out of a satin material are also an option if you want a regal look that is high end and modern. Some sleeves also feature embroidered details that will create extra dimension and are beautiful when used with a sheer fabric for a vintage design.

Fur Capes

Faux fur capes are incredibly luxe and chic when you want to make a statement with your wedding dress. You can drape the accessory over your gown and keep warm while posing for photos outside with your groom. Capelets are easy to pin together to keep them draped over your shoulders when you want to keep the chill away in low temperatures. They’re gorgeous when paired with strapless gowns and can quickly be taken off when you’re ready to spend time on the dance floor during the reception.

Silvery Details

Although winter wedding dresses have plenty of coverage, you can enhance your look with a gown that has silvery details on the fabric. The silvery details will add a touch of shimmer to your dress and will reflect the light as you move. Look for wedding dresses in Columbus that feature crystal embellishments, which will look similar to icicles and will reinforce the theme of your winter wedding.

The silver details can also be used on your veil to create a uniform and streamlined look.