Plus-Size Wedding Dress Ideas for Bridal Shops in Columbus

Your wedding day will be a significant milestone in your life, and you deserve to feel beautiful and confident on that day. If you are a plus-size bride, you may wonder what would complement your figure and allow you to remain comfortable. Please read below to discover five styles from bridal shops in Columbus that will work well for your physique.

A-line Dresses From Columbus Bridal Shops


A-line dresses are a savvy alternative due to their ability to flatter numerous body types with the unique silhouette. These dresses begin with a narrowed top, and the dress gradually broadens as it moves toward the bottom. This construction forms a graceful “A” shape able to encircle your body in the most flattering way. Here are four reasons why the A-line style is quite complimentary:

Balanced Shape

The incremental widening of the A-line skirt from Columbus bridal shops accentuates your natural curves while gracefully gliding over body locations you may feel less confident about. The balanced profile minimizes the appearance of width and ensures you do not look larger.

Emphasized Waist

The snug bodice of an A-line dress cinches at your waist, creating an attractive hourglass figure and highlighting the slimmest part of your body. This cinching subtly emphasizes your waistline and it goes a long way in enhancing your feminine shape.

Increased Comfort

There is significant comfort and style with the A-line design. It allows you to move without hindrance or discomfort on your special day. The delicate flare of the skirt supplies ease of movement while preserving a refined and polished appearance.

Versatile Elegance

You can find A-line dresses with a multitude of designs, fabrics, and embellishments at bridal shops in Columbus. These configurations offer endless possibilities to match the gown with your personal preferences. Whether you prefer tailored satin, draped chiffon, or elaborate lace, the A-line silhouette effortlessly adjusts to mirror your vision.

Mermaid Dresses at Columbus Wedding Dress Shops

What positions mermaid dresses apart from other styles is the striking silhouette that embraces the body tightly from the bodice to the hips and dramatically flares at the knees. Because of the enhanced flare, the dress allows you to create a stunning and glamorous hourglass shape. Below are four ways that mermaid dresses complement plus-size body types.

Embrace Curves

Rather than hiding your body away, mermaid dresses celebrate and accentuate your curves. They typically feature intricate boning or internal corsetry, which provides the structural support for a secure fit. From there, the silhouette molds to your curves, creating a feminine allure and a breathtaking visual effect.

Hourglass Definition

With a close-fitted corset and hip-hugging layout, mermaid dresses beautifully form or define your waistline. It can give you a coveted hourglass figure often associated with womanliness, classiness, and timeless beauty.

Flattering Balances

The balance and symmetry you get with mermaid dresses refer to the visual harmony and equilibrium these bring to various parts of the body. The cleverness of mermaid dresses is that they showcase your curves while presenting a slimming effect. Plus, the flare at your knees adds volume to your lower half, counteracts the fitted nature of the upper body, and further promotes the hourglass silhouette.

Boosts Confidence

The good feeling from wearing a mermaid dress comes from psychological factors like improved self-perception and favorable social interactions, as well as biological factors like stimulation of reward centers in the brain and the release of endorphins. With this body-positive style, you cannot help but feel empowered and confident.

High-Low Dresses at Bridal Stores in Columbus Ohio

designer wedding dresses

High-low dresses can elevate your appearance by adding a touch of sophistication and modernity to your overall look. The high-in-the-front and low-in-the-back hemlines convey a sense of originality and fashion-forwardness. This dress makes a statement that sets you apart from traditional bridal styles. Here are four ways high-low hemlines benefit plus-size body types.


The shorter front hemline of high-low dresses prevents your legs from getting hidden beneath your garments. This design choice can visually elongate your legs, especially when you pair your dress with the appropriate footwear. Your lower limbs are delightfully accentuated and create the illusion of added length and an element of drama.

Showcases Shoe

Wearing eye-catching shoes is a significant part of honoring tradition and boosting your style on your wedding day. You will have no trouble unveiling your shoe choice when you select a high-low hemline. This attention to detail adds interest and individuality to your bridal look, so you can express your personal style while securely embracing your unique body shape.

Flatters Figure

The asymmetrical hemline of high-low dresses works to balance your body proportions. The shorter front pulls attention upward, highlighting the beauty of your upper body, while the extended back adds elegant movement and coverage, creating an overall flattering effect.


Feeling stiff in your wedding dress can make you look and feel uncomfortable. Yet, the cascading effect of the longer back hemline adds movement and drama to the high-low frock. As you move, the fabric sways, adding an element of allure and sophistication to your overall appearance.

Sheath Dresses From Bridal Shops in Columbus

A sheath dress is a figure-hugging garment that is typically straight and narrow in shape, clasping the body closely from the neckline to the hemline without disproportionate volume or flares. Here are four reasons why sheath dresses are particularly flattering for plus-sized bodies.

Simple Elegance

The form-fitting nature of a sheath dress provides a sleeker, more polished look that flatters the curves of a plus-sized body. The clean lines and minimal embellishments allow your genuine beauty to shine without additional distractions.

Highlighted Silhouette

Sheath dresses are devised to closely follow the contours of your body and symmetrically spotlight your curves. By embracing your natural frame, this style does not highlight your imperfections. Instead, it boosts your silhouette and overall appearance.

Body Lengthening

The uninterrupted straight line of a sheath dress produces a lengthening effect on your body shape. With these, you can appear much taller and slimmer. This elongated illusion also places grace and sophistication in your silhouette, adding to the pleasure you can feel about your demeanor.

Effortless Confidence

Sheath dresses exude confidence with their simple yet sophisticated design. The streamlined nature of a sheath dress gets achieved since it contours the body without disproportionate volume or draping. The lack of excessive embellishments or cumbersome layers adds to its simple aesthetic and presents a polished look that enhances the natural curves of the body.

With one of these dress styles from Columbus wedding dress shops, you can flatter your body on your special day and celebrate your unique beauty.