Nature-inspired Designer Wedding Dresses

If you love fishing, biking, camping, and exploring the great outdoors, your wedding dress should reflect your interest in being outside. Thankfully, you can find many nature-inspired designer wedding dresses. The best wedding dress designers have gotten very creative with their use of watercolor, embroidery and other design elements to create a designer wedding dress that you will adore.

Botanical Lace Designer Wedding Dresses

You may want to consider wedding dresses that make great use of laces with flowers on them. You can find great options that use these floral laces in just one part, like the bodice or the skirt. On the other hand, you may want to consider wearing a botanical –lace veil. Brides getting married in cooler weather may want to opt for a lace floral cape. Lace with climbing vines may help shorter brides look taller. Add colored embroidery to fluid skirts to create a tattoo-like look.

Cathedral Trains

If you are going to wear a cathedral train on your wedding day, this is a great place to add nature. Show your nature-loving personality by making the train with lace or adding appliques to it.

Floral Appliques

Floral appliques can easily be added to a wedding dress, either by the designer or a tailor. Often placed on top of botanical-lace wedding dresses, these appliques accent the look. They can also be added on top of plain lace to draw attention to the flowers. You may want to find dresses containing embroidered branches with floral appliques to give the wedding gown a more three-dimensional appearance. Appliques in different sizes and colors may be available.

Leafy Print Designer Wedding Dresses

In many of the same ways that designers can incorporate flowers into a wedding dress, you can use leaf-print embroidery or leaf appliques. For example, you may want to side panels with leaves on your wedding dress. Designers can also make wedding dresses where the neckline looks like it is the tips of leaves.

Tulle Flower Designer Wedding Dresses

Designer wedding dresses can be made with layers of tulle. Designers can layer the tule so that it is reminiscent of the petals on a flower. You may want to take this idea to the next level by choosing a bridal gown incorporating ombré botanical embroidery.

Watercolor Prints

Consider a wedding dress where the designer has painted on a watercolor flower or leaf. This is an excellent option for ballgown dresses because the watercolor can be added to the full skirt. Adding a watercolor print near the waist may help camouflage larger stomachs on brides who are not happy with that part of their body. Alternatively, you may want to consider dresses for your wedding where a small design is added near the hemline to add a whimsical look to your wedding dress.

Nature-inspired Overlays

These wedding dresses have a solid material, like silk or rayon, behind them. Then, an overlay with flowers and leaves is the top layer. Alternatively, you may want to consider a nude or semi-nude wedding dress with a lace overlay because this look makes the design in the overlay stand out.

Cutout Designer Wedding Dresses

As opposed to adding fabric to your wedding dress, consider getting one with nature-inspired cutouts. This is particularly an excellent look for solid bodice elegant bridal gowns where the sleeves and top have leaves or flowers cut out of the fabric. If you are looking at wedding gowns where your leg is showing, it is easy to cut away the material at this point to create the impression of leaves or flowers.

Silk Flower Designer Wedding Dresses

If you choose a one-shoulder wedding dress, then this is the perfect place for a large silk flower. Consider one made of soft fabric as it will be near your face during your ceremony. Incorporate a flower from your wedding color or make this your something blue item.

Nature-inspired Ribbon

Brides who are not ready to go bold with their nature-loving personality may want to consider adding ribbon to their wedding gowns containing leaves or flowers. For example, close wedding dresses that lace up in the back with ribbon containing natural elements. A-line wedding dresses can have a ribbon bow added at the waist. You may even find options where the straps have a natural theme. Additionally, this can be a great look for brides who want to wear an off-shoulder wedding dress as a wide ribbon can be attached to the top of the wedding dress and go around the bride’s arms.

Fringe Designer Wedding Dresses

If you decide to go with a Bohemian wedding dress, consider one where the fringe on the bottom contains a leaf of flower prints. This is a particularly great look for asymmetrical wedding dresses designed to draw attention to their hemline.

’60s-inspired Designer Wedding Dresses

If you have decided to step back in time and have a 1960s wedding, then you have at least two great options. You may want to add a large flower or leaf where you typically find the dog on a poodle skirt. Alternatively, you may want to go with a baby doll wedding dress with a subtle floral or leaf print in a slightly contrasting color on its front.

Button Wedding Dresses

If you prefer a more subtle addition of nature to your wedding dress, consider adding floral or leaf buttons. These can replace the regular buttons on the dress or be faux buttons added for a decorative look. Buttons are available in many different colors and sizes, so this can be a great way to personalize the look of your wedding dress.

Tips on Picking a Designer Wedding Dress

Before you decide how to incorporate nature into your wedding, come visit the kind team at B. Loved Bridal. Set up your appointment as far ahead as possible. Make sure that you eat a good meal before you come because wedding dress shopping can be exhausting. Bring one to three people with you whose opinion you know that you can trust. While it can be fun looking at pictures and dreaming of the details of your wedding dress, be sure to allow the team to show you dresses that they think will be perfect for you because you may fall in love with a dress that you thought there is no way that you will like.