The Best Ocean-Themed Embellishments for a Designer Wedding Dress

It can take as much time to find your dream dress as it did to find your dream partner. Brides all have different ideas on what they want in a dress, which is why they try on so many. Though you might think it’s easier when you have a theme in mind, you may have some trouble finding the perfect designer wedding dress for your big day because you want one that works with your ocean theme. Check out all the embellishments you can add to your dress to make it match the theme.


Appliqués are an easy way to make any dress work with the ocean theme. This term refers to pieces of lace that someone cuts by hand and stitches onto your dress. Bridal boutiques often have workers on staff who can add these embellishments to your dress. You might add a gorgeous lace panel to the back of your dress because you want to avoid the sun on the beach or add a panel to the front for some more coverage. Beaded appliqués are similar but feature both lace and beads. This lets you add some of the colors of the ocean to your dress.


Though you might associate ribbon with the huge bows found on the backs of some bridesmaid dresses, it can increase the wow factor of your designer wedding dress and make it look even more special. Ribbon comes in many different colors to help you match the color you choose to your ocean theme. Not only can you pick a bright color to match the ocean, but you can select a ribbon color that matches the look of the beach or the sky. You have a few ways to use ribbon embellishments, too such as a wrap that surrounds your body and ties in the back or colorful laces that keep your dress closed.


Beaded wedding dresses were popular in the 1920s and the 1940s. You don’t need to buy a vintage dress to rock this look though because the best wedding dress designers often incorporate beads into their dresses. If you want to take a plain or basic dress to the next level, you can add some beads too. Make the ocean theme carry over onto your dress with beads in shades of blue and green that match the colors of the ocean. You can choose pearl beads that are opaque and come in soft colors or bugle beads that are long and tube-shaped.


Get ready to feel like royalty on your big day when you pick designer wedding dresses that feature glitter. While you may not want to see someone spill a bottle of glitter on your living room floor because it sticks to everything, the glitter used on your dress will stay on your dress. Many designers use glitter with tulle to create a skirt that you wear under your dress. You’ll often find glitter on ballgown wedding dresses that have big skirts, too. If you love the look of glitter but worry that it’s too much, try pairing it with sheer fabric to let just a hint of the sparkle shine through. Both pale colors like white and ivory as well as brighter colors such as teal and turquoise glitter work well with ocean-themed designer wedding dresses.


Your wedding day is your chance to feel like a princess, so why not go all out with a designer wedding dress that features sequins? The sequins will catch the light and reflect around you to make you look your best. They also ensure that you’re the focal point of the ceremony. You don’t need to add so many sequins that you look like you belong on a 1980’s soap opera because a small amount gives you the look that you want. Sequins are great for an ocean-themed wedding because they come in so many different colors. It’s easy to add sequins that match your wedding colors, too.

Border Trim

A border trim is a type of decoration located on the bottom or trim of your dress. Do you love your wedding dress but feel like something is missing>? A border trim might be just what you need. Consider adding a trim border in a different color that catches the eye like hot pink or bright blue. If you have an ocean theme, think about soft shades of tan or blue to match the beach. A border trim is also perfect for a beach wedding because it can protect the original hem from dragging across the sand. You’ll find different types of border trims that work on wedding dresses such as a ruffled or braided hem.


Oysters live in the ocean and pick up grit and debris that later become pearls. Adding pearl embellishments to your dress is a good way to honor marine life and work with the theme you want. Real pearls are more expensive, but farmed pearls are affordable enough for most brides. You just need someone who can add pearl beads to your dress. If you want to save even more money, go with pearl beads that look like the real thing but use plastic instead. Pearls look quite nice when you use them on the back of your designer wedding dress or places where you normally see buttons.


As you check out the selections in bridal stores in Columbus, you might come across some designer wedding dresses that feature fringe. If you think that this look won’t go with an ocean theme, think again. Fringed dresses have the bohemian style that makes you look right at home on the beach. As the accents give the dress a slightly messy look, you don’t need to worry about getting the dress dirty or sitting down on the beach to take a break. Some of these wedding dresses use fringe in different places to give them a flapper look from the 20s, but others use a lighter touch with the fringe.

Choose the Right Embellishments for a Designer Wedding Dress

Having a wedding with an ocean them is a good way to celebrate your love of the great outdoors and marine animals like dolphins. You don’t need to have the whole ceremony on the beach, but you may want to host your reception close to the water. With the right dress, you create a look that goes along with your theme. Once you find the right designer wedding dress, think about ocean-themed embellishments that you can add to it such as appliques and sequins.