Crafty and fun ideas for taking the special dress from your special day and making it a part of your daily life.

Four Crafty Ways to Repurpose Your Designer Wedding Dress

From the day you saw it in the bridal boutique, you knew that this dress, like your spouse-to-be, was the one. For one special day, you become the fairy princess, edgy bride or beach goddess you always saw in yourself. For some, then the dress will either go on to someone else, or be boxed for posterity. For the crafty DIY crowd, however, here are some other ways to keep this special dress in your life:

Christmas Tree Skirt

Cut the skirt off the dress, add trimmings (or don’t), and turn it into a piece that will remind you of the day you began your family together each holiday season. This can be done with a simple skirt, or turned into something elaborate that can be added to over time with embroidery or applique.

Quilt Squares

Another great way to use the dress afterward is to make some quilt squares from the prettiest pattern pieces of your dress. Use them as blank squares accenting patterned pieces, or applique items onto the quilt. Not handy with a sewing machine? Find a quilter for hire.

Bassinet Liner or Christening Gown

Pass your wedding dress down to your children in the form of a bassinet sheet, or use a portion of it to make a baptism outfit. Hang pictures of you in your dress next to your baby in your dress remade, to remind you of the many uses it has had.

Canvas for a Mural or Photo Collage

The skirt material for your dress is perfect for stretching over a wooden frame and turning into the background for a collection of photos. These can be from your wedding, or add the picture of a tree, and create an ever-growing mural of your family and its new branches. Add photos or mementos where each of the branches come together to further signify your family and its growing generations.