Many brides have creative flair and would like to display that with their bridal looks. Consider these fun ways to add some personality on your wedding day.

Customizing Your Bridal Look

There are lots of brides that rack their brains trying to figure out how to make their wedding day extra special. In order to make their moments turn out to be exciting and memorable, there are different elements to consider. Try out these three ways to add some interest and unusual beauty to a momentous occasion.


Many brides choose long dresses and so it’s almost impossible to see what shoes are underneath. Many brides choose to struggle with painful high heels on their big day. If you’d rather experience comfort, why not consider choosing a delicate lacy slip-on flat for the ceremony. You’ll be comfortable while standing for an extended period of time. You’ll also have fabulously feminine attire to wear on your feet.


Many brides wear different colored dresses when it’s their second or third time the aisle. Nowadays, the rules are changing. Visit a few bridal boutiques to see what colorful options they offer for dresses. Many brides are now choosing colors like red, lilac and gold for their special day. This is a nice twist on a classic tradition for many brides. Another option to consider is getting an ombré effect. If the dress starts as white at the top and works its way to a different color toward the bottom, this is a trendy idea to consider.


The bouquet doesn’t necessarily have to include flowers. Some women are allergic to flowers and would prefer another option. Consider doing a brooch bouquet with tons of jeweled brooches and pins. If you’re a lover of peacock feathers, consider making a feathered bouquet for your wedding day. You can also add in a host of other feathers in different colors as accents. If you still want the floral look without actual flowers, many florists and creative artists do amazing bouquets with paper. You’d be surprised at how elegant a paper bouquet could turn out. Stretch the limits and try something unconventional to make a memorable moment.

Bloved Bridal | Designer Wedding Dresses in Columbus

These ideas are simple to pull off and are truly unconventional. They’ll look beautiful and pictures and you’ll be able to look back and be happy you pushed the bridal envelope. Contact Bloved Bridal for designer wedding dresses that will ensure your bridal look is completely unique to your style.