Why Vintage Wedding Gowns Are Making a Comeback

On her wedding day, the bride wants to feel special and unique. She also wants to feel like a princess. Many brides today are going vintage. There are many advantages to buying vintage wedding gowns. These advantages include the quality of the dress is well constructed. That is no truer than gowns sewn before 1960. Other benefits classic wedding gowns have over modern dresses are the overall uniqueness of the dress; they have more styles to select from, and typically the cost of the dress is much less.

To Wear White Vintage Wedding Gowns or Not

Traditionally, women would wear vintage wedding gowns of deep red, purple, green, or even black. When Queen Victoria married Prince Albert in 1840, she wore a white dress. The reason, in the 1800s it would typically cost more to wear a wedding gown of color. That is, they had to dye the fabric, and that added to the cost. Queen Victoria wanted to ensure that everyone in the nation realized her kingdom would be one of the most frugal of all other domains. If you are wearing a vintage wedding dress lace, be sure it blends well with your skin tone and hair.

Are You Worried About Sizing?

Typically, old wedding dress styles are on the small side. If you are not a size four, you do not need to concern. You might be able to find a dress that fits. There are bridal stores in Columbus that carry vintage dresses. If you have a robust figure, there is hope for you to find a gown. That is, by the 1950s, manufacturers would begin mass-producing wedding dresses. Now, you can typically find something to compliment any figure from this decade. So, if you are counting on an old-style, look for your wedding, you should choose a dress from that decade.

How to Shop for a Vintage Wedding Dress

To begin your search for vintage wedding dresses, you should go to vintage shops. These types of shops typically will have many gowns for you to try on. If you are a modern bride and only shop online, sites like Etsy have a wide selection in many sizes. But, when you shop online, you need to know your measurements to the letter. Use a fabric measuring tape and take all your measures. You will want to be sure the dress fits properly. Be certain the style suits you.