7 Strapless Designer Wedding Dress Styles Available in Columbus, Ohio

A strapless designer wedding dress is a popular choice today as they radiate elegance and glamour for a bride on her wedding day. Bridal stores in Columbus, Ohio, such as B. Loved Bridal Boutique offer various styles of designer wedding dresses with unique characteristics. From minimalistic designs to more whimsical designs, you can never go wrong with a strapless wedding dress. Here are 10 designer wedding dresses styles to look out for.

Off-the-Shoulder Strapless

Strapless wedding dresses are popular for bringing a sexy touch to your overall look by exposing the upper body and highlighting your collarbones. The off-the-shoulder is a modest design that has sleeves for the upper arms. This type of wedding dress is ideal if you are not looking to show off a lot of skin but still want to maintain a romantic element.

The off-the-shoulder dress gives a modern look that is trendy and fashionable. There are countless designs and lengths of the dress, and you can pick the one that matches your personality. If you are looking for more coverage, you can opt for a design with extended widths around the off-the-shoulder band. This also gives the dress a classic appeal, and it’s also ideal for weddings taking place during the colder months.

If you are having a fall wedding, you can opt for neoprene or crepe which is a heavier fabric and is ideal for the season. This helps to keep you warm and still offers a glamorous style for your fall weather. A summer wedding dress may be made of a light fabric that has a narrow band sleeve around the arm for a contemporary wedding dress.

Daring Plunging V Strapless

This daring plunging V style is a gorgeous style for women with a large bosom. The V-neckline will complement your curvy figure and fuller chest. It is a flattering style that showcases your cleavage with elegance but is modest enough to ensure that you are comfortable and stylish on your big day.

When wearing this designer wedding dress, you should ensure that it has a tulle mesh fabric to hold the triangular cut out together. The tulle mesh is crucial as it supports the plunged cut-out to hold the shape of your bodice together. For extra support, you can go for double-layered tulle, especially if you have a fuller chest. If you are looking to be the center of attraction at your wedding, a stunning statement neckline with a plunging cut-out is perfect for you.

Detachable Addition Designer Wedding Dress

The detachable addition style is ideal if you are looking for more coverage but still want to maintain a modern touch. If you are unsure if a strapless design wedding dress is right for you, you can customize your gown to give it a classical twist by adding a detachable tulle band. The piece can be made of various materials and can change your entire bridal look.

Pure silk chiffon will give your gown a traditional look and a glossy finish. The fabric is soft, delicate, and gorgeous. You can also opt for fine hail spotted tulle for a more vintage and timeless wedding dress look. Silk organza or fine tulle can also give your dress a modern look to your designer dress. This off-the-shoulder piece is simple and very easy to incorporate into your gown. It’s a great alternative to bridal capes and overskirts, which can be expensive. You can either have the piece attached to your gown or made detachable.

Delicate Scallop Lace Strapless

Strapless wedding gowns are often made with a lack of sleeves. However, there are many ways you can add beautiful details to the gown to make it look more formal. For the perfect custom lace wedding dress, consider adding a gorgeous lace intricate running along your neckline. This beautiful addition can showcase an organic pattern with elaborate floral designs and ornate leaves. The scalloped edging will bring attention to your upper body and finish off the design with a subtle statement.

The scallop lace strapless style can make you look more beautiful in an outdoor wedding setting. The gowns usually come with scallop lace, and you can choose your preferred length. You can also opt for narrow lace trimmings for hemlines, necklines, and trans. Alternatively, you could go with a motif or a beaded trim that could be attached to the dress. For a more feminine outlook, transition the lace onto your bodice.

Two-Piece Strapless Designer Wedding Dress

A two-piece designer gown is a bold and unique style that will stun all the guests at your wedding. If you are looking for a gown with a contemporary design, then this strapless style is for you. It is ideal, especially if you have a smaller bosom and looking for a garden or beach wedding. It brings a less formal touch that is refreshing and special.

When it comes to the dress’s fabric, you can opt for silk satin with a beautiful sheen. For a modern look, you can opt for a textured crepe that has a matte touch. The top piece can have a stretch fabric with no seams. Fitting the top with fusing and boning will add a bit of formality, while some princess seams will add more elegance.

You can choose the length of the top depending on your preference and what makes you feel comfortable. Adding a gorgeous trimming such as lace can add more comfort to the top piece. Various small ornate details can alter the entire look of the wedding dress and make it more beautiful.


A corset designer strapless wedding dress will define your figure and complement your shape. This style is the perfect way to make your strapless dress more interesting. It is ideal for brides with an hourglass figure as it highlights the curves and complements the figure. You can also opt for this style if you have a round or rectangular torso. You can get transparent designs that will add to the wow factor of the gown, but you can also go with more solid materials like silk satin.

Square-Cut Strapless Designer Wedding Dress

A square-cut strapless designer dress has a modern touch and is increasing in popularity. It Is ideal for brides with medium to fuller chests. There is a wide range of ways to add uniqueness to the dress, such as adding a frill or band across the neckline. You can also opt for padded bra cups if you have a fuller bosom. A tightly fitted bodice may provide additional support for brides with fuller chests. The square-cut strapless elegant style will help define your figure and add shape with less attention to your chest.