Choosing a Unique Wedding Dress Style

The wedding dress that you wear is one of the most important parts of the event and will influence how confident you feel when walking down the aisle. For many brides, it’s important to add a bit of flair or drama to avoid looking like all of the other brides. Here are a few unique wedding dress trends and styles to consider wearing.

Bold Color

When you want your wedding dress to be the focal point of the event, consider choosing a gown that has a bold color shade. Although brides traditionally wear white, you can opt for wearing pink, red, or even black. The color shade that you wear should match your personality and taste to ensure that you turn heads and surprise your groom with the selection. If you want to tone the color shade down, consider wearing white accessories that offer a bit of contrast, which are all easy to find at a bridal boutique.

Crop Tops

Wedding gowns are also available as crop tops, which show a hint of skin and will allow you to feel sexy while making your entrance at the ceremony. They’re perfect for summer weddings when you want to stay cool while still having plenty of coverage. The style makes a bold statement and will offer a peak of your midriff. Opt for pairing the top with a high-waisted skirt to ensure that the gown still looks formal and high-end.

Many people choose crop tops gowns because they’re appropriate for different sizes and will allow you to breathe without feeling restricted by the fit of the dress.


For weddings that are smaller and more intimate, consider honing down your wedding dress with a romper that is made from lace. You’ll have plenty of comfort and mobility in the romper, which will allow you to have fun on the dancefloor during the reception. The casual style of the outfit will let you stand out and look relaxed as you exchange vows at the altar. Pair it with a short veil or chandelier earrings to enhance the style and prevent it from looking too laidback.