Pick One of the 2020 Trending Wedding Dress Colors

When it comes to your wedding, you don’t want to repeat what you have seen in the past. Not only are those ideas outdated by now, but you should have a ceremony that is unique and celebrates your special style. The first place you should start is with your bridal gown. The traditional colors of white and gold don’t tell your guests much about you or your partner. Take a look at these 2020 wedding dress colors to find the trend that fits you the most.

Mint Green Wedding Attire Will Be a Refreshing Surprise

Fashionable bridal trends come out each year to provide you with new ways to express yourself. Mint green has become increasingly popular because of how refreshing and attractive it can be. The same way that eating or drinking fresh mint can invigorate your senses, wedding dresses from Columbus in this color can also be a wonderful, awakening surprise. You may think it’s only appropriate to use in summer and spring, but it is also relevant during colder seasons. To make it translate well in cooler weather, pair it with warm shades of brown and gray.

A Blue Bridal Gown Can Demonstrate Class and Sophistication

There is a popular wedding tradition of wearing something blue on your wedding day for good luck. If that sentiment is true, a blue wedding dress should bring a lifetime of blessings. Blue is often named as the favorite color of most people and has been even named as the Pantone color of the year. It gives off a calm sophistication that will wow your groom and guests. To keep it as the focal point, steer clear of glitzy accessories, and choose classic jewelry instead.

Black Wedding Dress Colors Can Be Sultry and Daring

Sometimes, you can see a black wedding attire during Halloween for those looking to be a fancy witch or a corpse bride. But, it’s helpful to move beyond the negative thoughts you would normally associate with a black wedding dress. Just like wearing a black outfit to other events can be sultry and daring, it can also be the same way at your wedding. No matter if you add just a few black details or an entire black gown, you can look polished and elegant.


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