Brides who are planning on walking down the aisle can follow the latest trends when choosing a dress for their spring wedding. From bows to plunging necklines, there are a few styles that have recently emerged on the runway for those who are looking for wedding dresses.

Top Looks to Choose for Spring Wedding Dresses

There are many different details to plan when it comes to preparing for your wedding day. The wedding dress that the bride wears is one of the main parts of the wedding day and determines the style of the event. For brides who are getting married in the spring, there are a few popular looks to embrace for the season.

Oversized Bows

Oversized bows are back in style from the ’80s and work as one of the main focal points on wedding dresses in Columbus. Consider choosing a dress that features a dramatic bow on the lower back of the gown or the sleeves. Bows are romantic and feminine when you want a detail that stands out. Choose a gown that has a minimal design with the rest of the features to avoid wearing a dress that is too busy or bold.

Cascading Ruffles

Cascading ruffles nod to past decades but are now updated and are considered to be one of the top wedding trends of the spring season. The feminine detail is lavish and takes a few risks when you want to embrace a style that is whimsical.

Billowy Sleeves

Women who want to look bohemian and lovely in their spring wedding gowns can choose a dress that features billowy sleeves. The loose and long sleeves are perfect for those who consider themselves to be a hopeless romantic and want to embrace a vintage style with the dress that they wear. The design is still simple but is one of the main focal points of the dress and is constructed out of sheer materials. Floral lace can also be used when you want more detail on the sleeves and extra coverage. The effortless look is light and airy when you want to avoid looking overly formal as you exchange your vows.