Dramatic Accessories to Add to Your Wedding Gown

If you plan to wear a minimal or simple wedding gown as a bride, you’ll need to rely on a few accessories to complete the look and draw attention to yourself. There are many types of accessories available for brides to choose from, which should complement your figure and features as you plan to walk down the aisle. Here are a few dramatic accessories to consider wearing with your wedding gown.

Flower Crown

Although flower crowns are natural and earthy, they can add plenty of color to your bridal look to create a feminine and timeless look. Choose a flower crown with peonies or roses, depending on what will be used in your bouquet. Consider putting a twist on the flower crown by using baby’s breath, which will pair well with your elegant wedding dress with its light color shade and will look upscale. Pin your hair back to draw more attention to the crown or allow your hair to fall loose if you want a more boho style.

Long Veil

Make a statement with a long veil that is classy and elegant. Long veils are ideal for indoor weddings and create a dramatic look due to their length and embellishments. Allow the veil to drape around your face and fall behind you as you glide towards your groom to look unforgettable and make an impression on your guests. The accessory will even pair well with a small crown. If you want the item to be the focal point of your look, opt for a veil that has large lace trim on the edges of the tulle.

Plunging Necklace

If you plan to wear a strapless dress on your wedding day, draw attention to your neckline with a plunging necklace that is upscale and intricate. Dramatic necklaces look chic and beautiful when you want to wear a jewelry item that pairs well with the style of your gown and enhances its appeal. You can even work your dress around the necklace and bring it to a bridal boutique when shopping for your wedding dress.