How to Choose Wedding Accessories for Your Gown

The wedding gown that you wear on your wedding day is one of the most important aspects of the event and will be viewed by your groom and guests. Although the wedding dress is the focal point of your bridal look, it can look bare or even too cluttered if you don’t accessorize it correctly. If you want to use the right features and items to complement your wedding gown, there are a few main tips to follow.

Wear an Accessory in Your Hair

Your hair will need to be accessorized with an item that draws attention and creates a formal look when wearing your gown. Consider pear pins that can be added to your bun or fishtail braid, which will look glamorous and feminine. Avoid wearing chunky or dramatic earrings if you choose to wear a large pin or a tiara to ensure that everything is balanced.

Consider a Necklace

The neckline on your wedding dress will determine the type of necklace you should wear or if it’s best to leave it bare. Those who wear a strapless gown can opt for a bold necklace that makes a statement and is one of the main focal points of your look. If you plan to wear a dress with a halter top, forego wearing a necklace due to the amount of detail will already be used on the neck. Gowns that feature thick straps on the shoulder also don’t need a necklace, but can still be complemented with a dainty jewelry item.

Less Is More

When choosing the different jewelry items to wear as a bride while also shopping for wedding dresses in Columbus, remember that less is more when it comes to adorning yourself with different accessories that will be paired with your gown. It’s better to have a minimal amount of jewelry than too much, which can cheapen your bridal look and will make it look less upscale. Avoid piling on too many items and stick to wearing two or three pieces.