Top 3 Fall Wedding Dress Trends for 2019

Fall wedding styles tend to be more dramatic than many spring and summer styles, and the wedding dress trends for 2019 really take this trend to the next level. Some dresses break away from the traditional white-only motif and include blocks of breathtaking color. Other fashions take their cue from the sporting looks that movie stars of Old made so famous. If you’ve started to shop for your fall wedding, then you’ll want to be aware of the following three wedding dress trends.

1. Sequined Wedding Dress Trends

Most brides have an inner sparkle on their wedding days, but in the fall of 2019, many blushing brides will have a little external sparkle, too. Some of the most popular dress styles this year include sequins that will give these gowns a bejeweled look, reminiscent of the gowns worked by Old Hollywood starlets. Brides who choose a sparkly designer wedding dress in Columbus should be mindful of how powerful the sparkle of their dresses will be; less will be more when it comes to jewelry and other accessories. The dress, in this case, is the gem. All other gemstones, minus the wedding rings, should come second to the sparkle of the sequined wedding dress.

2. Flowers Everywhere

Brides and flowers are synonymous, and fall wedding dress trends for 2019 include lots of floral embellishments to honor this tradition. These dresses have a bouquet’s worth of floral patterns sewn into them, nearly making the bridal bouquet obsolete. Some of the floral features fall on the more subtle side; they have just a hint of a floral pattern embroidered into their fabric. Others bloom in full floral color – pun intended. These styles feature colorful fabric flowers that have been sewn into the dress or on the hems or necklines, giving the dresses a lovely focal point and plenty of bridal pizzazz.

3. All-In-One Jumpsuits

One of the hottest dresses in wedding dresses for the fall of 2019 isn’t a dress at all. It’s a jumpsuit. The bridal jumpsuit features all the flow of the dress without the skirt. Think wide-cut pants, flowing sleeves, etc. Additionally, bridal pantsuits can feature other trendy elements, like the sequins or flowers mentioned above. This makes them as easy to personalize as any top-of-the-line designer wedding dress that you’ll find in Columbus.