You Don’t Have to Wear a White Wedding Gown

There’s no law that says you have to wear a white wedding gown when you walk down the aisle. An increasing number of brides are opting for bolder silhouettes on their special day. If you’re searching for the ideal designer wedding dress in Columbus, you can try on an assortment of gowns whose colors range from off-white hues like ivory and champagne to shades of dusty pink and romantic blue. There’s only one rule you have to follow: Your wedding dress should make you feel wonderful when you’re wearing it.

The History of White Wedding Gowns

Until Britain’s Queen Victoria married Prince Albert in 1840, red was the most popular color for the bride’s dress. The lacy white gown Victoria wore at her wedding was a break with tradition. Victoria chose white to symbolize the purity of her innocent heart, and she was roundly criticized for her choice by members of the court. Victoria’s subjects loved the choice, though, and thus was a tradition born.

Accessorizing Your Colored Wedding Gown

Greater care may need to be chosen when it comes to selecting accessories for your non-white wedding gown. It’s probably best to choose shoes that either match the color of your dress, or that are black or metallic-hued. Your accent jewelry should also be coordinated to blend in with the color of your dress. Gold picks up the warmth of colors in the yellow, red and orange range while white gold, silver and platinum complement blue and violet shades best. If you choose a green wedding outfit, you can probably get away with wearing either gold-colored or silver-colored accent jewelry.

A Red Gown and a White Gown

It’s not uncommon for brides from Asian families to celebrate their marriages by wearing two wedding gowns: one red and one white. In China, red is associated with prosperity while in India, red symbolizes passion and love. A Chinese bride may begin her wedding celebration by wearing a traditional qipao dress and change into a Western-style white gown when the wedding banquet begins. Whichever wedding tradition you decide to follow, choose a gown that showcases your personal style and photographs well. After all, you’ll be looking at the photos in your wedding album for many years to come.