For several decades there has been a rumor floating around that bridesmaids are put into ugly dresses, so they do not upstage the bride. It is possible to pick pretty dresses for the bridesmaids in Columbus without taking the spotlight away from the bride.

Flattering Bridesmaid Dresses to Fit Any Body Type

A wedding day is about a happy couple who is proclaiming their love for each other in front of their family and friends. The day also puts a lot of focus on the bride, which is evident by the bevy of wedding dresses in Columbus. This is her day to be a princess, to be glamorous if she wishes, and to be happy. Since there is so much focus on the bride, it is said that she does not want the attention taken away from her bridal beauty, and so she picks unflattering gowns for the bridesmaids. The truth is it is possible to find flattering bridesmaid dresses while not upstaging the bride. One way to accomplish that is to pick out dresses according to body type. Here are some tips.

Flattering Bridesmaid Dresses for Petites

For the last several years, a bridesmaid dress trend that has maintained its popularity is mixing and matching. Since you may have a wedding party of petite, hourglass and busty bridesmaids, no one dress style is going to look good on all of them equally. Petites tend to suffer the most because the dimensions are off for her. With a shorter torso and legs, the proportions usually do not fall in the right place. So she needs a sweetheart neckline or V-neckline to compensate her frame.


The body is the most va-va-voom of the types. She has curves on top and curves on the bottom. Industry professionals recommend a sweetheart neckline and fitted top to complement a flowy skirt.


Females with a busty top require thick straps. A bra is a must because it prevents embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions.

Thanks to the mixing and matching trend, each bridesmaid can wear a dress according to her body-type that still leads to an overall cohesion.