Dress Ideas for a Country-Western Wedding

You love Dolly Parton, and your fiancé is partial to Tim McGraw. What could be more ideal than a country-western wedding? Of course, a rustic wedding means you’ll both have to dress the part. Whether you’re looking for a sweetheart sheath, a lace frock with a halter-top or an off-the-shoulder ball gown with beading on the sleeves, bridal stores in Columbus have just what you’re searching for.

A Rustic Wedding Is All About the Accessories

Here’s the secret to country-western weddings: You can wear practically any style gown and turn it into a rustic fashion statement simply by mixing and matching accessories. Pair an old-fashioned, butterfly-sleeved lace gown with a pair of cowboy boots. Highlight a traditional scallop-necked chiffon frock with a bouquet made of bluebells and sunflowers. Drape a denim jacket over a floor-length tulle gown.

You’d probably be going too far to replace the traditional veil with a cowboy hat. You can spice up that veil with silver and turquoise accents though. There are also many saucy headdresses that say “country” in addition to the traditional 10-gallon hat. Try a ’40s-style toque designed to fit sideways on your head or a beautiful beaded headband.

Dress Up the Venue

You may not be able to host your special day on a dude ranch, but you can still bring Western-style trimmings into the reception hall. If you’re getting married in a church, there’s probably very little you can do to change the décor. If you’re getting married in a hall, though, line your walk down the aisle with hay bales. Hay bales can also substitute as seats around tables, though if you run with this idea, you may want to insulate the bales with colorful quilt and gingham coverings.

Use a bale-filled pickup truck instead of a limo. This vehicle will provide many awesome photo opportunities for you and your guests. You’ll also want to hire a band that specializes in the kind of foot-stomping crooning that you love. When your guests get tired of dancing, have a horse-drawn carriage on hand that can take them for a moonlit ride. Who knows? Next year, you may be attending their country-western wedding! You’ll find what you need at Columbus bridal stores.