3 Must-Try Wedding Dress Trends

If you’re the type of person who can’t wait to try out the newest fashions each season, you don’t want to wear something your guests have seen before at your wedding. By keeping these three trends in mind as you’re shopping for wedding dresses in Columbus, you’re sure to wow everyone on your big day while showing off the best new designs in the industry.

Colorful Wedding Dresses

Add a bit of color to your big day! Long gone are the days when color dare not show up on a wedding dress. Today’s brides are adding vivid sashes, dyed petticoats, and bright accessories to showcase their personalities. If you’re feeling adventurous on your wedding day, you might even want to try a dip-dyed dress. Many bridal gown designers are now offering dresses in multiple colors: if you want a hint of color, try a blush pink dress, or go dramatic with a deep red or black wedding dress.

Short Wedding Dresses

With a trend towards more relaxed, casual celebrations, the wedding industry has seen a rise in brides choosing shorter wedding dresses. Opt for a midi-length if you can’t commit to the trend fully, or embrace a knee-length or mini-skirt for a daring look! These dresses make dancing so much easier at your reception, and they are perfect for outdoor ceremonies at the beach.

Sleek Wedding Dresses

Thanks to Meghan Markle’s gown choice at her marriage to England’s Prince Harry, the newest trend in bridal wear is all about elegant simplicity. Opt for a sleek and sexy gown made from silk or another rich material, and forget about the lace and sequins. For the best results, have your dress tailored, choose a flattering neckline, and consider adding sleeves for added detail. The simplicity of the dress puts the focus on you and your beauty on one of the most important days of your life.