How to Travel With Your Destination Wedding Dress

Destination weddings are all the rave. If you are a bride who has planned such an affair, there is much to plan ahead of time. Once the day you’re set to travel is upon you, it’s important to properly care for your destination wedding dress. Here are a few tips to properly travel with your gown.

Opt for an Appropriate Fabric

Remember, if you’re traveling for your big day, you will want a destination wedding dress made of a fabric that can easily withstand your travels. Fabrics like organza and chiffon are easier to press or steam. Satin, on the other hand, may not hold up as well.

Don’t Check Your Dress

Never, ever fold your destination wedding gown and check it in luggage when you’re flying to your wedding destination. Doing this can easily spell disaster as your dress can get wrinkled, ruined or even lost if the airline loses your luggage.

Get a Garment Bag

Definitely get a garment bag to keep your dress safe while traveling. You can get one at a cheap price at many stores. Aim for one that is 72 inches long to protect the entirety of your gown.

Store Your Dress Properly

When you get on your flight, it’s important to properly store your dress for destination wedding travel. Place it on top of all other bags in the overhead compartment and lay it flat. You may also want to check with a flight attendant about possibly hanging your garment bag in a closet, which can keep your dress wrinkle-free.

Properly Tote It in a Car

If you are taking a taxi, limo or rental car to a hotel or your wedding venue, make sure to lie the garment bag flat on top of your luggage in the trunk or on your lap. This is one of those dress tips that will ensure your dress stays perfect.

Although it may seem overwhelming, it is definitely possible to travel to your destination wedding and keep your wedding gown looking as flawless as it was the day you bought it. With these great tips, you will be able to flaunt one of the most beautiful wedding dresses Columbus has ever offered.