How to Look Like Yourself on Your Wedding Day

As a bride, you likely have many ideas on how you want your hair, make-up, and attire to look as you prepare for your wedding day. Although it’s important to look beautiful and take your appearance up a notch, it can be easy to go overboard and not look like yourself as you greet your groom at the altar. If you want to enhance your features but still look like yourself, there are a few main tips to follow.

Keep Your Makeup Minimal

You likely won’t look like yourself as a bride if you decide to get a spray tan and airbrush your face when getting your makeup done on your wedding day. Instead, opt for wearing tinted moisturizer and bronzer to add a touch of color to your skin. Top it off with fake lashes that aren’t overly dramatic but enhance the shape of your eyes. Simply enhancing your natural features instead of completely changing them will keep you looking like yourself, but still formal enough for the event. Remember that less is more and that natural makeup will look more beautiful than caked-on foundation or eyeshadow.

Don’t Choose a Different Hairstyle

If your groom is used to you wearing your hair down each day, then avoid changing it to something dramatically different on the wedding day. Consider hiring a professional hairstylist to add a unique element while keeping your hair down, which can include a braided crown or a few extra extensions. Similarly, if you like your hair pulled back, opt for a low bun and adding in a flower crown or pearl clips.

Choose the Right Style of Dress

Consider your personal style and the items in your wardrobe when shopping around for the right wedding dress to wear. If you like upscale pieces that are investments, you’ll likely feel most like yourself in a designer wedding dress in Columbus. If your garments are more minimal, you can benefit with a simple dress that hugs your curves and doesn’t feature a lot of details.