How to Weatherproof Your Bridal Headwear and Designer Wedding Dress

Celebrating your big day in the great outdoors lets you enjoy the nature you see around each and every corner. You might head to the beach to hear the waves crashing against the shore as you walk down the aisle or invite guests to see you exchange vows in the middle of the woods as the birds chirp in the sky. No matter where you choose to host your wedding, pick up some tips on how you can protect your designer wedding dress and bridal headwear from weather conditions like rain and wind.

Wear an Underskirt

Some wedding dress Columbus shoppers don’t know about underskirts until they start looking at designer wedding dresses. This is a type of skirt designed to wear under your dresses. It helps you lift the bottom of your skirt to keep it clean as you walk and move. Many slips that fit under your dress work just as well. If you need to walk across the muddy ground or follow a dirt path, an underskirt will keep your dress safe from stains. You can also wrap a sheet around your dress or under it.

Use More Hairspray

When you go in for a makeup consultation before your big day, you might worry that the artist uses too much hairspray. The odds are good that you need more hairspray than you think you need. Whether you choose a simple jeweled clip or a more elaborate headband, you need hairspray to keep your hair in place along with the headwear. Though some brides still think of hairspray as heavy and sticky, modern versions are much lighter but still provide all of the hold that you need during high winds.

Keep Soothing Balm Nearby

With as much as you plan to spend on a photographer, you don’t want to wince when you look back at your wedding pictures later. If your wedding day falls in the summer though, you may find that your look doesn’t last through the whole day. High humidity can make even the sleekest of hairstyles turn frizzy. Apply a dab of soothing balm to your hands and rub it through your hair when you take a bathroom break. You can even use a little on your headwear.

Choose the Right Style

An easy way to weatherproof your look is with the right style. After all of the time you spent looking for the perfect designer wedding dress, why not spend just as much time on your hair and accessories? A loose updo is a great way to cope with the high winds around you. It doesn’t take a lot of time to put together and will look just as great when the wind passes by. When you choose a tight updo, those gusts can easily pull stray hairs loose. Consider added jeweled barrettes or clips to keep your hair in place too.

Grab Bobby Pins

Bobby pins are among the top tools you can use on your wedding day. No matter what headwear you choose, use bobby pins to keep it in place. Look for pins that are the same color as your natural hair color. You can go with dark brown or black if you have lighter hair and pale brown or silver if you have lighter hair. Most headwear only needs a few bobby pins to keep them in place for hours as the wind and rain rage around you.

Dress for the Season

Wedding dress Columbus Ohio boutiques like B.Loved Bridal Boutique often see brides who make the mistake of choosing their looks without taking into account the season. Ohio weather can change in the blink of an eye. While a spring day might start out bright and sunny, it can quickly become cold and windy. Winter weddings require closed-toe shoes and accessories like a muff that keeps your hands warm. When it comes to headwear, you can go with larger pieces that make an impression.

Spring and summer weddings can bring high temperatures along with rain that starts and stops every few hours. You should choose a dress that lets you breathe and look for designer wedding dresses that are strapless or have short sleeves. When it comes to headwear, consider simple flower crowns. You can pick one that uses your wedding flowers and secure it with bobby pins. Don’t be afraid to take it off later in the night, especially if you want to preserve it.

Keep Rain Gear Handy

There are few things worse than seeing the sky open up and the rain pour down just as you start your walk down the aisle. As long as you have the right rain gear nearby, you can protect both your dress and your headwear or other accessories. Walking down the aisle and exchanging vows with a poncho over your dress is better than freezing as the rain causes your dress to stick to your skin. A simple hat placed over your head will keep metal headwear from rusting too.

Be a Princess

When shopping at wedding dresses Columbus boutiques, you may find yourself pulled to the princess dresses that make you feel like royalty. Complete the look with a jeweled tiara. Tiaras come in dozens of styles and designs. Some are so large and embellished that they look like one a beauty queen might wear. Others are much smaller and simpler. One of the nice things about modern tiaras is that they come with built-in headbands that look like small teeth. The headband keeps the tiara in place as you sweat because of the humidity or when you find yourself in the middle of a windstorm.

Have a Backup Plan

The best way to prepare for bad outdoor weather on your wedding day is when you have a backup plan in mind. Many venues can help you rent tents for all of your guests and provide other supplies to help them. They can set out bottles of water and arrange fans to keep guests cool on hot days and have heaters running to help them cope with cold days. Your venue may also have a room or space set aside for you and your bridal party. This room helps you touch up your makeup and make sure your designer wedding dress stays clean. Most rooms also have a large mirror to help you adjust your bridal headwear and make sure it looks great. Keeping a few supplies like bobby pins on hand and choosing the right styles and accessories can help you celebrate your wedding day outdoors regardless of the weather.