Accessorize Your Gown with a Bridal Cape

Whether you think of yourself as fashion-forward or prefer to stick to classic, timeless styles, you can wear a bridal cape on your big day. Not only are capes a trendy accessory in 2019, but they present a stylish solution to issues brides often face. If you’re concerned about showing respect inside a church or synagogue but don’t want to limit yourself to long-sleeved wedding gowns with high necklines, a cape can serve as a chic cover-up. For a fall or winter wedding, you can don a cape to keep you warm during the ceremony or in the limo, then take it off when you hit the dance floor. If you’re looking for a designer wedding dress in Columbus, take note of these three ways you can complement that gown with a cape for a truly unforgettable look.

Bridal Capes as Veils or Trains

Maybe you’ve always dreamed of walking down the aisle with a six-foot-long train trailing behind you, but you can’t think of a way to reconcile this with your desire to wear a modern, knee-length wedding dress. A long cape that attaches to your dress or is fastened around your neck or shoulders lets you have the best of both worlds. The same goes for a veil/cape hybrid. It can create the romantic look of a veil delicately floating behind you or gracefully cascading down over your shoulders without you having to worry about how pinning or removing it might disturb your meticulously coiffed hairstyle.

Capes as Additional Embellishment

Many brides favor simple wedding gowns, ones with clean lines and minimal adornment, where the sleek silhouette or the luxurious fabric gets to be the star. These gowns can be accessorized with something like an expensive statement necklace, but an option that won’t break the bank is an embellished cape. Choose one with elaborate beading, intricate lace, glittery sequins, or even feathers.

Capes as a Way to Add Color

Perhaps you toyed around with the idea of a colored dress but weren’t sure you were ready for such a non-traditional choice. Incorporating color with a cape lets you add dramatic flair to a white gown without committing to wearing it all day. You can choose a cape in blush or lavender colors or pick one with colored embroidery along the edges in elegant tones such as gold or in bolder hues like navy blue.

You can wear a bridal cape just to make a dramatic entrance as you exit the limousine or enter the wedding hall. You can also keep it on all night, if you like. The wonderful thing about capes is that you get to decide how large a role they play in your big day.