Three Guilty Pleasures a Bride Can (and Should) Enjoy

While it’s true that society is driven by capitalism and consumerism, it’s also important to remember that some experiences only happen once. When a woman gets married, it’s a really big deal. Many women dream of their wedding day in their childhood years. Knowing this, there are certain expenses a woman will gladly incur because of the brevity of the occasion. However, many women are shamed into spending over a certain amount of money. While it is important to financially plan for the future, it’s okay for a woman to enjoy her money the way she pleases. Furthermore, there are a few splurges a woman should be able to enjoy on her big day. If you’re a bride-to-be, consider these top three guilty pleasures that you really shouldn’t feel guilty about.

Designer Gowns

While the big day is about the couple, it’s also about the wedding dress of the bride. While you will look gorgeous in any dress, consider wearing a show-stopping designer wedding dress in Columbus. It’ll be photographed and preserved for decades to come. You might as well look as fabulous as you possibly can with one of the most beautiful designer gowns.

Real Flowers

If it’s not in your budget, there are tons of faux options that will get the job done. However, if you really love real flowers and want them at your wedding, this is totally fine. Don’t feel guilty about wanting them. Find a florist who can provide an amazing option that exceeds your expectations. When they’re arranged perfectly, flowers can be the most gorgeous touch for a wedding day.

Live Music

There’s nothing like enjoying the beautiful sounds of a string quartet during the wedding festivities. There’s also nothing like getting to the reception and partying to a live band on the dance floor. If you and your fiancee love music, a live band will take the party to the next level. You can also do a mix of live music and pre-recorded tracks for a variety.

As you plan and prepare for your big day, consider what your major splurges might be. See if there is a way to comfortably include them in your budget. Marriage is a beautiful experience and deserves to be celebrated.