Three Tips on Throwing the Most Memorable Renaissance-Style Wedding

When we marry, most of us want our wedding to be just as memorable to the guests as it is to us. When we throw a medieval wedding, we will, of course, want a dress and all the decorations to match the theme. These are specialty shops with vintage dresses, bridesmaids dresses, and mothers of the bride dresses. Yes, when we marry, we want everything to be perfect. It will be one of the most important days of your life, make it a memorable one.

Chalices and Flutes for a Medieval Wedding

Almost everyone has alcoholic beverages at their wedding. What better way to celebrate your medieval wedding than to have renaissance chalices and flutes? The bride and groom can get some wine flutes that come together. These are usually in the form of a heart. Now, if you think that will add to the expense of the wedding, you are correct but incorrect at the same time. The bride and groom can provide a chalice or flute for themselves and the wedding party. As for the guests, they can bring a chalice or flute. It will cut down on the guesswork of which drink belongs to which guest.

The Rings

What wedding would be complete without rings? Medieval wedding rings are not common. The bride and groom can find these types of rings at a special medieval bridal boutique. They will be impressed by the selection of vintage rings they can find for themselves. The guests attending the vintage style wedding will be impressed that the bride and groom have rings that match the theme of the wedding. The wedding ring is something that will remind the bride and groom of their wedding every day for the rest of their lives. It makes sense that the ring should match the sense of style for the wedding.

Crowns and Flowers

The bride can choose to wear a vintage crown; it will add a sense of royalty to her renaissance style wedding dress. If she does not want to wear a crown, she can have her hair adorned in flowers. To put flowers in the hair adds elegance to the bride. She might also choose to put flowers in her bridesmaid’s hair. It will add to the beauty of the wedding. Guests will enjoy seeing the fantastic looking crown or the flowers that are in the hair of the bride. No matter the hair adornments, the gown should be a medieval gown.