Latest Trends for Wedding Gowns in 2017

When you’re getting ready for your wedding day, the dress that you wear will be one of the highlights of the event. The design, style, and details of the gown should reflect the formality of the marriage ceremony. When you want to turn heads and make an impression, there are a few looks that are currently trending in 2017.


Make your minimal dress look dramatic with the use of a bow that can be placed on the back of the dress or the front near the waist. Bows are making a comeback from the ’80s due to their high level of glamor and unique look that will make you feel chic.

Deep Necklines

Deep necklines are one of the latest trends for wedding gowns in 2017 due to the modern look that they incorporate into the design of the dress. They are known to flatter the upper body and will elongate your frame. They can also create a curvy silhouette that hugs your body and will allow you to rock a more mature design.

Wispy Feathers

Wispy feathers can be found at many different bridal stores in Columbus when you want to wear a lovely dress that has plenty of flair without looking untraditional. The light feathers are often used on the bottom of the dress or on the train to make the silhouette of the dress eye-catching when you’re ready to make a statement. Feathered skirts can also be used for two-piece gowns, which look vintage with their style and are plenty formal.

Black Accents

More brides are straying away from all-white wedding gowns. Instead, they are adding a pop of color to their dresses. Black accents are currently a hit for the dramatic detail that is added to various parts of the garment. Although all-black wedding gowns were popular in former years, the look has been taken down a notch and is more subtle for those who want a twist on their wedding dress while still embracing the white style of traditional gowns. Consider choosing a dress that has a black bow on the top of the neckline or black lace on the back of the gown. A black belt can also be used to accentuate the waistline and embrace a traditional look when you’re ready to walk down the aisle.