Tips for Choosing a Summer Wedding Dress

Most brides choose to get married during the summer season due to the warm weather conditions and clear skies. When getting married outdoors, you’ll want to select a wedding dress that allows you to feel cool and comfortable in high temperatures. Here are a few top tips for choosing a summer wedding dress for your upcoming nuptials.

Select Natural Fabrics

When shopping around at bridal stores in Columbus, it’s important to choose a dress that has natural fabric to ensure that it’s comfortable. Silk is a top choice because it’s breathable and will allow you to stay comfortable when the weather gets sticky. Lace is also an ideal choice because it’s natural and has holes that allow you to stay cool without wearing a thick and heavy material. The material is romantic and classic to ensure you feel feminine in your gown.

Choose a Hooped Stitch Skirt

Many brides dream of wearing a gown with a large skirt but may be afraid that they’ll become overheated with all of the material that is used. You can still get away with your dream wedding gown by selecting a dress that includes a hooped stitched skirt into the petticoat lining of the dress to keep the fabric away from your legs, which will allow a lot of airflow and extra mobility. Allowing your legs to be free during the event will help you to feel comfortable and less restricted in the dress.

Avoid Form-Fitting Dresses

You may want to show off your figure in a form-fitting dress that is flattering, but the style of dress may not be suitable for a warm outdoor wedding in the middle of summer. Form-fitting dresses hug the body and can allow you to sweat easily if you begin to overheat. Opt for wearing a looser, softer dress that won’t keep your legs together like fitted mermaid dresses. The looser fit will also allow you to feel more comfortable playing games with your guests or dancing during the reception.