Unique Ideas for Fantasy Wedding Themes

Whether it is a small ceremony at home or a larger, traditional affair, each couple has their own ideas about how their wedding day should be. Ideas for themes and elements to include can be tougher to find for those whose tastes lean more to the whimsical than mainstream or traditional. For those of you who want your big day to feel like something straight out of a fairy tale, here are three ideas for a fantasy-themed wedding.

Take a Page From Your Favorite Story for a Fairy Tale Wedding

The fantasy genre is full of happy couples and royal weddings. If you and your fiancé are particularly fond of or attached to a specific couple or story, use that as a place to start. Is there a particular aesthetic, time period, or soundtrack associated with it? What are the major thematic elements within the tale?

Go as authentic or as abstract as suits your tastes and budget. Decorate the venue to resemble a setting within the story and dress as the characters. Or keep your theme low key. For example, employing a Snow White theme can be as simple as using apples as a motif throughout the decorations.

Get Back to Nature

Fantasy often centers around the fantastic creatures found in myths, most of which are said to live in the wild places on the edge of civilization. One way to give your wedding a flair of fantasy is to pick a venue with natural views.

Look to your favorite mythological creatures for further inspiration. Woodlands are ideal for themes based upon unicorns, dryads, fairies or ethereal elves. Beaches lend themselves to themes based around mermaids or water sprites.

Mix and Match Elements for a Unique Fantasy-Themed Wedding

Who says you have to pick a narrow theme? If you love all the fantasy genre has to offer, celebrate that. Mix and match elements from your favorite tales and myths to create a fantastical event as unique as the both of you.

No matter which direction you chose to take, selecting attire to suit your theme doesn’t have to mean creating it all from scratch. Focus on cut, lines, and the fine detailing available on wedding dresses in Columbus to create the silhouette and look you want to compliment the theme.