Here’s What to Know About Holiday Weddings

Planning a wedding is such a magical ordeal. From cake tastings to finding the best designer wedding dress in Columbus, this can be one of the most special times in a couple’s life together. Inspired by the magic of both weddings and the holiday season, many couples decide to have their wedding during the holidays. If you’re thinking about a Christmas of Hanukkah wedding, here are some things to keep in mind.

You Might Spend a Bit More

Unfortunately, venues and vendors can become a bit pricier during the holiday season. This is because many people are holding parties and events during this time, which means that vendors can charge customers more. If you don’t mind paying a bit extra, however, you’ll be able to enjoy beautiful holiday-themed decorations for your reception.

Some People Might Not Be Able to Attend

The holidays can be a busy time for people. Hence, some of your friends and family members might not be able to attend your nuptials if you schedule them during the holiday season. You also risk a winter weather emergency, which could mean canceled flights and closed roads. It’s important that you’re aware of these risks before you decide on a wedding date that takes place during the holidays.

It Will Be Absolutely Beautiful

It’s true that there are some drawbacks to holiday weddings. However, for couples who are willing to roll the dice and just go for it, a holiday wedding can be exquisitely beautiful. Your wedding photos will have the backdrop of holiday decorations and falling snow. Furthermore, your reception venue will be full of holiday decorations and twinkling lights. If you want your special day to be all the more magical, then schedule your special day during the holiday season.