How to Select Your Designer Wedding Dress Based on Your Body Shape

Your body shape may be tall and slender or short and fluffy. When it comes time to choose a designer wedding dress, accentuate what you were naturally given by choosing a designer wedding dress based on your body shape.

It is helpful to think of choosing your wedding dress by your body shape as a three-step process. First, you need to know your body shape. Then, you need to understand what wedding dress styles work well with what body types. Finally, you need to know where to find the perfect wedding dress.

Step 1: Determining Your Body Shape

No bride finds that her body fits exactly into one category, but you can make a reasonable guess after taking out a measuring tape and doing some basic measurements. Consider which of these body shapes is closer to your measurements:

• Straight – These brides have almost equal measurements
• Pear-shaped – These brides have smaller chest measurements than hip and waist measurements
• Apple-shaped – These brides have larger chest measurements than hip and waist measurements
• Hourglass – These brides have equal measurements in their bust and buttocks with a well-defined waist.
• Inverted triangle – These brides have large hips and small busts and shoulders, and they also have slender legs when compared to their tops.
• Oval – These brides have large chests, full midsections and narrower hips.
• Triangle – These brides have full hips, full midsections and a narrow bust.

Step 2: Identifying Styles of Wedding Dresses

Now that you know your body shape, the next step is to identify the type of wedding dress that looks great on that body shape.

A-Line Designer Wedding Dresses

Many brides look beautiful in an A-line wedding dress, so it is almost a universal choice for brides to consider. If you have larger hips, this style can help camouflage them because it fits tight at the waist and looser over the hips. Therefore, they may be the ideal choice for pear-shaped brides and can be excellent for apple-shaped brides. If you have an oval shape, this style can help balance out your look. This style can also make short brides appear taller.

Mermaid Designer Wedding Dresses

Mermaid wedding dresses are often a super choice for apple-shaped brides because they fit tight through the knees before flaring out. Since these dresses fit tightly across the chest, they usually draw attention to that body part. They may help camouflage larger stomachs and fuller hips. If you have an hourglass figure, be sure to consider this wedding dress style. These dresses also look great on brides with inverted triangle body shapes because the way they flair out at the bottom helps to balance this bride’s strong shoulders.

Trumpet Designer Wedding Dresses

If you love your hips and stomach, then a trumpet wedding dress may be the ideal choice. These wedding dresses are ideal for slender brides. Those with an hourglass figure may also find that these designer wedding dresses help to balance their body shape, making them a great choice.

Ballgown Wedding Dresses

The voluminous skirt on a ballgown wedding dress makes them a flawless choice for taller brides. Skirt layers, especially heavily embellished ones, may cause shorter brides to look as if they are drowning. A bride who is already conscious about the size of her hips may think that these designer wedding dresses make that part of the body look even more prominent. Brides with an hourglass shape or those who prefer to accentuate their chests will likely appreciate the fitted top.

Slip Wedding Dresses

When considering a slip wedding dress for your big day, it’s a great idea to have one custom made by the best wedding dress designers. These dresses should fit like a glove. They are quintessential for brides who have curves in all the right places and want to flaunt them on their wedding day. Slip dresses also often look stunning on brides with a straight shape.

Sheath Wedding Dresses

Another great choice that brides with an ideal body shape will want to consider is sheath wedding dresses. These form-fitting dresses flair out slightly at the bottom. Short brides will want to consider this option because it gives the illusion of being taller. If you are thrilled with everything but your mid-section, consider sheath options with a bit of camouflage there.

Column Wedding Dresses

Column wedding dresses are very similar to sheath wedding dresses, but they are usually made of taffeta, brocade, or corded lace to give a little more room. The way that the fabric lies makes this a faultless choice for brides who are well proportioned. They can also make shorter brides look taller and thinner brides look more well-built. Since these dresses usually flow freely because of their lightweight construction, they can be excellent choices for brides who have a tringle-shaped body.

Tea-length Wedding Dresses

Another ideal choice for brides of almost any shape is the tea-length wedding dress. Since there are many different styles, almost everyone can find an option that looks great on them. This can be an ideal choice for brides who love to accessorize. Brides who are inverted triangles will find this a flattering style because it allows them to show off their slender legs. Those with oval body shapes may want to consider this type of dress with an empire waist. Brides who have a triangle-shaped body may find longer tea-length dresses a great option because they can accentuate the lower leg.

Step 3: Finding the Best Designer Wedding Dresses

With a better idea of your body shape and the type of wedding dress that may look best on you, it is time to go wedding dress shopping. Wedding dress shopping can be exhausting physically and emotionally. Therefore, ensure that you stay well hydrated and that you are not hungry. Especially when you are first shopping, consider limiting those with you to one or two people. Know your budget so that the wedding shop employees can show you dresses in your price range. Even designer wedding dresses can be found in various price ranges, so be honest with yourself and the shop’s employees. If the employees suggest that you try on a particular dress, then do it because they are experts at matching dresses and brides.