Wedding Gowns for Brides 50 and Over

No matter your age, all brides should look radiant on their wedding day. When it comes to picking out a designer wedding dress in Columbus, you can throw all rules out the door. However, we know that older women buying a dress for their wedding will have a much different experience than a bride in her early 20’s. That’s why we’ll use this article to help older women narrow down their choices so that they can look their absolute best on their big day.

Wedding Dresses With Embroidery

Dresses with embroidery act as a great option for women who want a look of sophistication while also staying low-key. Embroidery adds texture to a gown. The embroidery gets sewn onto the wedding dress. With these dresses, you can get appliques with flowers, lace, fringe, or beading. Embroidery in silver, gold, and grey can give your dress a touch of luxury or vintage style.

Tea Length Dresses

Tea length dresses look great on brides both young and old. Vintage tea-length dresses can flatter mature brides. If you’re a shoe diva, you can showcase them with this kind of dress as the gown highlights your feet. You can cover the top part of this dress with sleeves, a V-neck, or high necklines.

Dress Wraps

If your dress has a low neckline, you can add a wrap if you’re not super confident in your décolletage. One thing that brides of all ages like about wraps is that they flatter many different shapes and sizes.

You can also wear a bridal jacket with your dress for a classic look. Look for jackets made of full lace or beaded tulle. When shopping for dresses, look for a jacket that matches the look of the gown. Whatever bridal jacket you choose, just remember where you placed it when it’s your turn to burn up the dance floor!