The Best Wedding Dress Styles for Curvy Brides

What many first time brides don’t know is that wedding dresses won’t fit them in the same way as off-the-rack clothing. Wedding dresses get made to a different size chart than other types of women’s clothing. Therefore, you will probably need to make room in your budget for alterations.

Dresses for Brides With Hourglass Figures

Some brides that they have a hard time finding curvy wedding dresses that fit their hourglass figures. They’ll often try on many curvy wedding dresses before they find even a couple that will fit them properly. But a great bridal boutique will have hourglass dresses that will fit a wide variety of brides.

Hourglass brides should look at dresses that have a structured bodice and a fun, dramatic skirt that will surely turn heads. Brides should also look for ruching as this feature can camouflage many imperfections.

If you’re an hourglass bride with a bigger bust, look for dresses with an A-line silhouette. A-line silhouettes make your torso look longer. Busty brides will also want a dress with heavy straps that give them a lot of support.

Dresses for Brides With Longer Torsos and Defined Waists

Brides who have long torsos should consider dresses that will show off that length and make them look taller in pictures. Brides in this category will also want to look at gowns that sport a high neckline and back. These two features help support brides that have a bigger bust.

Some brides that have a smaller waist want to find dresses that accentuate that feature. These brides will want to consider asking for princess gowns. Princess gowns can accentuate the features of women with an hourglass, pear, or even column body shape.

Just Because You Have Curves Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Find “The Dress”

Even if you have a complicated shape to dress, you can still find the perfect gown for your wedding day. It’s a matter of knowing what features to look out for, what perceived imperfections you want to hide, and the type of look that you want as you walk down the aisle. While you will have to put a bit more thought into your wedding look, you can still find a dress that will wow your wedding guests.