Wedding Dresses for the Long and Lean Bride

Brides on either end of the bell curve of size will find wedding dress shopping really difficult. If you are a tall and slender bride, finding gowns that fit your particular frame is especially challenging. When you take the time to find the wedding gown from one of the bridal stores in Columbus that’s made for your thin frame, you’ll find that your best features will shine through on your big day.

Silhouette and Fabric

Many thin brides don’t have much of a waistline. These brides tend to have what is called a rectangular frame. To get a curvier figure, you can look at A-line dresses or ball gowns. These types of dresses can give you a feminine, sensual look for your big day.

When selecting the fabric for your dress, don’t pick clingy material as it can make you appear a lot thinner than you may want. Pick fabrics such as tulle, taffeta, and organza as these fabrics can some bulk to your figure. A-line dresses and ball gowns made of the aforementioned fabrics can be a great pick for tall and slender brides.

Dress Length and Sleeves

If you’re a long and lean bride, you can pull off shorter wedding dresses. Shorter dresses can become a whimsical choice if you’re having a beach wedding or if your ceremony is a bit more casual. Those tall and slender brides who want a full-length gown should avoid the clingy mermaid dress that’s currently trendy. Mermaid gowns can highlight your lack of curves.

Brides with toned arms can definitely look great with a sleeveless gown. Those with skinnier arms should avoid strapless and sleeveless dresses. Tall, thin brides should look at dresses with butterfly sleeves, cap sleeves, or 3/4-sleeves.

It’s All in the Details

Since you have a smaller frame, you should never go heavy on the dress details. For example, brides wearing lacy dresses should look at where on the gown the lace detailing is located. Large dress appliques can overwhelm your small frame. Opt for patches of lace located on different parts of the gown instead.