3 Upcoming Summer Wedding Dress Trends for 2019

Summer wedding dresses usually have some pretty standard features. They are a little lighter and a little cooler to accommodate the summer heat. However, each summer wedding season also has its fair share of trends that go beyond the standard fare. The 2019 wedding dress trends that you’ll likely see in Columbus run the gamut from royal wedding to diamonds and triangles. Here’s a look at three of the most popular dress trends this year.

1. Bows, Bows, and More Bows

Chic bows are replacing straps on wedding dresses in Columbus. They’re also standing in as pretty alternatives to a long train or as a decorative element in the bodice area of the wedding dress.

Many of these bows come in the same color as the wedding dress itself, while others give a nod to some staple wedding traditions. For example, a bow on the back of the wedding dress fulfills the “something blue” element of the wedding tradition and adds a dash of color to the dress without overpowering it.

2. Bridal Royalty

The marriage of American actress Meghan Markle to England’s Prince Harry has sparked royal wedding fever among brides. Columbus wedding dress buyers will likely be looking for and ultimately wearing wedding dresses that give a nod to this romantic event. While some brides will don tiaras to evoke wedding royalty, others will look for dresses that mimic Meghan Markle’s dress style for their trips down the aisle.

3. Geometric Patterns

Geometric patterns reminiscent of the Art Deco and Art Nouveau years will replace many of the more frilly elements like lace in the 2019 summer wedding season. The incorporation of these patterns will vary. Some will be embroidered into the material, giving the dress texture and subtle visual enhancements. Others will see bold elements like triangles, sergeant stripes, and diamonds of different shades sewn onto the dress. Many of the brides in Columbus will also have decorative elements like fringe and sequins sewn onto their wedding dresses as well.