How Tall Brides Can Find the Perfect Wedding Dress

Tall women who need to look for wedding dresses in Columbus will need to keep several things in mind before they start visiting boutiques. Looking for that perfect wedding dress should act as one of the most fun activities in your life. These days, plenty of well-known designers have given tall brides lots of choices that come in an array of materials and lengths. You no longer have to limit yourself to a few options just because you’re a six-foot-tall bride.

This article will give tall brides a few tips on how to make the wedding gown shopping experience work for them.

Style and Detail

You will want a wedding dress that will make curves where you currently don’t have them. A ball gown or slinky dress that cinches in at your waist and turns into a full skirt will hide your lack of hips. If you have a small bust, you can find dresses with a volume-creating bodice with ruching that will give you more heft in that area.

You might gravitate towards the dresses that have tons of embellishments. However, as a tall bride, you might want to go for the more straightforward look when it comes to your wedding gown. Too much detail on a tall frame can come off as cutesy-looking. You’ll want to look at satin dresses and gowns with smooth textures.

Gown Fit and Hair

You’ll want a gown with a lower-than-average waistline and a hem that sweeps the floor. After all, you don’t want to look like you borrowed your shorter friend’s dress on your big day! If you want a long-sleeved dress, look for sleeves that go past the wrist.

Your wedding day hair can do a lot to bring attention to your height. You can increase your perceived height with a ponytail or a bun. If you want to downplay your height, either wear your hair down or sport a lower-hanging hairstyle. You can also downplay your height by doing away with the wedding day heels.


When you know what looks best on your slender frame, you can give yourself a better chance of looking your absolute best on your wedding day. Depending on the hem of your dress, you can often get your gown altered. You can ask your sales assistant if changes can get made to your dress of choice and how much it will cost you.