Reasons Short Wedding Dresses Are Fashionable

A wedding is among the most memorable event in one’s lifetime. It is a time to celebrate love surrounded by the people who mean the most to the newlyweds. For this reason, it is a top priority to look elegant, stylish, and stunning. For many brides, nothing matters the most, then look for that dream wedding gown from bridal boutiques. Since the wrong bridal dress can be uncomfortable and limit your ability to express yourself fully, it’s important to choose something that is unique.

A wedding is different than the days to experiment with stuff as they could easily ruin your occasion. The same is true for your bridal gown. It needs to be something you are comfortable in, reflecting your personality to the fullest. Unfortunately, many brides shove off the idea of short wedding gowns because of their classical nature. For brides who don’t enjoy long dresses, the happy day slowly changes into a nightmare as they try hard to impress others in a long wedding gown.

You can find elegant designer wedding dresses in Columbus to suit your taste and personality. This post explores why short dresses are an appealing option for your wedding day.

Great for Outdoor Weddings

Outdoor weddings provide the best scenic features and the ideal backdrop for your big day. The spring and summer form the most romantic settings for outdoor weddings. As such, you need a lightweight, breathable, and comfortable gown to brace for the warm weather.

Choosing cotton, linen, chiffon, or lace fabrics for your bridal dress to brace sunny weather would be best. While these materials are ideal, so is the hemline of your dress. Rather than choosing a fairy tale grandiose display long dress, settle for an ankle-length or a midi dress for your wedding. Short frocks make the perfect beach wedding dresses because of their comfort, breathability, and ease of movement.

Cheaper Than Long Wedding Dresses

When purchasing a wedding dress, you need to address the cost issue. The material, detail, design, and size affect the overall cost of the dress. A short skirt can have an intricate design and detail. However, the amount of fabric used in making the dress causes a spike in the overall cost.

One of the advantages of a short wedding dress is that you can still have quality material since the material needed for its making is not as much as that of the conventional wedding gown. Less fabric translates to reduced cost of the material. It will thus save you some money which would be helpful with other expenses at the wedding or after the ceremony.

Easy for Jumping, Twirling, and Dancing

A wedding is a joyous ceremony, and you are likelier to dance to an upbeat or slow song. Whatever the case, you will need a dress that is comfortable and flexible enough to allow you to move to the music. Unlike a long wedding dress, a short skirt does not have any restrictions on your feet and knees. As such, you can slide, swirl, or even take a step.

Your aim is to make your partner comfortable around you when dancing. Long dresses will have your partner watching every move to ensure they do not step on your gown. Such instances can hinder the two of you from enjoying a special moment, and a short dress will solve this problem.

You Can Always Wear It Again

While it is perfectly alright to wear that special outfit for a few hours, it would be great if you could wear it to another event. Long wedding dresses have many embroideries and particular designs that make them suitable for a one-time event. Some are too heavy and putting them on and moving around in them is cumbersome. As such, you would need to visit a tailor to remodel it for a different event.

Short wedding dresses are versatile, and you can wear them again on different occasions. You will also not look out of place if you wear your short wedding dress to other events. If you are looking for bridal boutiques in Columbus, check out B.Loved Bridal for the most unique collections.

Easy to Store and Clean

For many brides, the wedding dress is a treasure to behold and a constant reminder of love, happiness, and celebrations. For this reason, the preservation of this bridal attire is at the heart of nearly every new bride.

Long dresses are cumbersome to store without damaging the fabrics while preventing yellowing from sunlight exposure. On the other hand, it is reasonably easy to store short dresses in a cool and dry closet.

From dirt and grass stain to wet asphalt, long wedding dresses soil easily because of the sweep trains. Water puddles and concrete abrasion make long wedding dresses stain easily. On the other hand, short wedding dresses have fewer chances of stains making cleaning an easy affair.

Cleaning the wedding dress requires professionals or specialized dry cleaners. Unlike regular clothes, you need gentle solvents to remove impurities and leave your gown with a fragrant smell. It would be best if you chose a preservationist with extensive experience to keep your dress pristine for years to come.

A Variety of Options for Designer Wedding Dresses

Fashion tends to change from time to time. People tend to hop on the trend before its popularity wears off. Short bridal wedding dresses are timeless as they will most times look unique and fashionable. They also come in different styles giving you a wide range of choices. It is an excellent choice for the unconventional bride whose way of dressing wants to embody a particular personality.

Show Off Your Legs and Shoes

You will love to wear a dress that accentuates you as it boosts your confidence and makes you feel comfortable. A short dress will show parts of your body, such as your legs which a long dress will keep out of the public eye.

As a bride, you command the most attention from your guests. As such, all eyes are on you on that big day. The photographer will try to catch the small details in your outfit, including your shoes and nail polish. A short wedding dress allows you to show off your shoes, legs, and any other accessories on your legs.

Great Portability

If you are looking to host your wedding event in a getaway residence, it means you will be traveling for your wedding. You thus want to reduce your luggage and ensure that everything fits in your suitcase and eases your movement.

With a long dress, such a privilege may not be available. The heavy fabric may crease or be very bulky, forcing you to carry it separately. However, a short dress easily fits into your bag. Most times, you will rarely need a hanger for a short wedding dress when traveling.