Veils, Tiaras, or Floral Wreaths: Which Bridal Headpiece Is for You?

It’s getting closer to the big day. Most of the arrangements are made, and you’ve found the perfect designer wedding dress in Columbus. Now, you’re stuck with how to top it off.

There are almost as many options for bridal headpieces as there are styles of dress. Do you go traditional with a long veil, try a vintage look, or go with contemporary chic? Part of that decision will depend on your dress, and the rest is a matter of personal style.

Traditional Bridal Headpieces

Of course, bridal veils of any length are the more traditional choice. There’s also something romantic about having your new spouse lift it for your first kiss as a married couple. Many gowns come with a veil as part of a package. However, the thought of wearing one leaves some brides feeling cold.

If family or religious tradition demands it, there are some ways to have your day your way and still make your parents or grandparents happy. You can wear a shorter veil or a detachable one that comes with a tiara. That way, you’ll rock that princess look when you remove the fabric part after the ceremony.

Caps, Fascinators, and Hats

A very chic look is to wear a smart little fascinator or cap perched on top or slightly side-tilted. Juliette caps are darling, Renaissance-inspired caps that are crocheted or made with pearl beading. They are romantic and unobtrusive. Fascinators are caplets that are similar wide headbands. They can be vintage or contemporary, and decorated with a poof of chiffon, flowers, or beading. Many brides attach a birdcage veil to wear during the ceremony. If you want to be thoroughly modern or need UV protection during your outdoor ceremony, a stylish hat is never out of place.

Combs, Barrettes, and Bridal Hairpins

Any of these accessories look amazing woven into braids and up-dos. Combs and barrettes are a nice option for those with long hair who want it pulled away from the face without having to put it up all the way. Hair pins that are made especially for bridal attire position little hints of elegance wherever you want them.

Wreaths and Other Floral Headpieces

Looking for something romantic and Bohemian? You can’t go wrong with flowers. Whether it’s one bold bloom tucked behind the ear or a wreath of mini roses and baby’s breath, floral headpieces make a fresh, organic accessory for more casual or beach weddings.

Choose the dress first, and then find an amazing headpiece to top it off for a finished nuptial look.