The world of bridal fashion is evolving, and Columbus, Ohio, is no exception. A growing trend making waves across Columbus bridal shops is the color purple.

This rich, royal hue is becoming the choice for brides and bridesmaids looking for something unique. This article will delve into the captivating allure of purple wedding dresses and guide you to some of the top bridal shops in Columbus.

Purple: A Color of Royalty

Purple symbolizes wisdom, creativity, and luxury. It is these connotations that make it a perfect choice for the modern bride seeking elegance and individuality. With various shades from pale lilac to deep plum, purple has become a fresh alternative to the classic white wedding gown.

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Choosing the Right Shade: Tips from Boutiques

When shopping for a purple wedding dress, the task may seem daunting, but it needn’t be. The bridal boutiques in Columbus offer expert guidance in selecting the right shade of purple that perfectly resonates with the bride’s personality and the wedding theme. Here’s what to consider:

Shade Range:

Purple is not just one color but a spectrum. The available shades range from the soft and subtle tones of lavender to the vibrant and bold hues of violet.

  • Lilac: A delicate shade that conveys romance and femininity.
  • Lavender: A cooler hue that offers a whimsical touch.
  • Plum: Rich and deep, suitable for a luxurious and regal look.

Consulting with the professionals at bridal shops will help you find the exact shade that resonates with your wedding theme and personal style.

Design Options:

Columbus bridal shops offer a myriad of design options in purple, each catering to different tastes and themes.

  • Classic Designs: Think ball gowns with intricate lace in deep purple for a timeless look.
  • Modern Designs: Sleek silhouettes and bold designs in lighter purple shades for contemporary brides.
  • Bohemian Style: Loose and flowy dresses in lavender or lilac that perfectly match a garden or beach wedding.

A visit to several bridal boutiques can reveal the possibilities and help you select the right design.

Seasonal Considerations:

Purple’s versatile palette can complement different seasons. Discussing with professionals in bridal boutiques about your wedding’s timing can lead you to the perfect shade.

  • Spring/Summer: Lighter shades like lilac or lavender, reflect the fresh and blossoming nature of these seasons.
  • Autumn/Winter: Darker, deeper purples like plum or violet resonate with the richness and warmth needed for these seasons.

Matching with Bridesmaids:

Creating a cohesive look with your bridesmaids is essential for aesthetic harmony. Consider these aspects:

  • Uniformity: Selecting the same shade of purple for all dresses.
  • Complementary Shades: Choosing varying shades of purple that work well together.
  • Accents and Accessories: Incorporate similar accessories or design elements to tie the bridal party’s look together.

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Columbus Bridal Shops: Where to Find Purple Dresses

Finding the perfect purple wedding dress or bridesmaid dresses is a thrilling part of the wedding planning journey. In Columbus, Ohio, there are several notable bridal shops that specialize in various shades and styles of purple gowns. Here’s a closer look at each of them:

Elegance Bridal Boutique

  • Overview: Renowned for its elegant designs, Elegance Bridal Boutique offers a wide array of dresses that epitomize grace and style.
  • Purple Hues: From deep violets to soft lavenders, this boutique provides a selection to suit various themes and personal tastes.
  • Experience: A seasoned team of fashion experts is on hand to assist in finding the perfect fit and design.
  • Exclusive Features: Custom tailoring and designer collections ensure that every bride finds her unique style.

Chic Bridal Shop

  • Overview: For those seeking modern and innovative designs, Chic Bridal Shop is the go-to place in Columbus.
  • Contemporary Designs: Focusing on trendy styles, they offer purple gowns that are perfect for a chic and fashionable wedding.
  • Range of Options: From mermaid silhouettes to minimalist A-lines, there’s something for every contemporary bride.
  • Extras: The shop also offers matching accessories, making it a one-stop destination for a coordinated look.

Royal Brides & More

  • Overview: If you desire a collection that emphasizes the royal and regal aspect of purple, this is the shop to explore.
  • Royal Collection: With an array of rich, deep purple gowns, they capture the essence of royalty in every stitch.
  • Expert Guidance: A knowledgeable staff that understands the importance of choosing a gown that aligns with the wedding’s royal theme.
  • Accessories: Complementary accessories to enhance the regal feel are available.

Lilac Bridal

  • Overview: Specializing in lighter shades of purple, Lilac Bridal offers exclusive designs that cater to romantic and ethereal themes.
  • Shades of Lilac: Their collection focuses on soft purples, including lilac and lavender, perfect for spring and summer weddings.
  • Custom Designs: Brides can opt for personalized designs that reflect their individuality.
  • Ambiance: A tranquil and charming atmosphere that adds to the overall delightful experience.

Tips for a Complete Look: Creating Magic with a Purple Wedding Dress

A purple wedding dress is not just a choice of color; it’s a statement of individuality and regal elegance. To bring this vision to life, every detail must be carefully considered and harmonized. Here’s how you can complete the magical look:

Accessories: Adding the Finishing Touches

  • Consult with Experts: Bridal boutiques often have experienced consultants who can help choose accessories that perfectly complement your purple gown.
  • Jewelry Choices: Consider silver or white gold jewelry with gemstones that either match the shade of purple or offer a tasteful contrast.
  • Veil or Headpieces: Select a veil that enhances the gown’s elegance or consider headpieces that resonate with your wedding’s theme.

Footwear: Stride with Confidence

  • Matching Options: Shoes in shades of purple that correspond with the gown can create a harmonious look.
  • Contrasting Choices: If you prefer a bit of contrast, silver or nude tones can complement a purple gown beautifully.
  • Comfort Consideration: Make sure the shoes are not just stylish but also comfortable, as you’ll be wearing them throughout the day.

Hair and Makeup: Creating Cohesive Beauty

  • Find a Professional Stylist: Collaborate with a stylist who understands your vision and has experience in working with brides.
  • Hair Choices: Whether you choose an elegant updo or flowing curls, make sure it aligns with the overall style of the dress.
  • Makeup Considerations: Purple-themed makeup, such as subtle lavender eye shadow, can tie the look together. A professional makeup artist can craft a look that enhances your features without overwhelming them.

Bouquet and Floral Arrangements: A Floral Symphony

  • Coordinate with Florists: Select flowers that align with the shade of purple in your dress for a harmonized appearance.
  • Seasonal Considerations: Choose flowers that are in season during your wedding to ensure freshness and vibrancy.
  • Scent and Style: Consider the fragrance and style of the flowers, as they can add another sensory dimension to your wedding’s theme.


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Why Purple?

Purple’s connection to royalty, wisdom, and luxury makes it an extraordinary choice for weddings. It breaks away from traditional norms, offering brides a way to express their individuality.

  • Uniqueness: Purple is a less common choice, ensuring that your wedding stands out.
  • Versatility: Purple complements various themes and seasons, making it a versatile choice.
  • Harmony with Other Colors: Purple can be paired with other colors for an aesthetically pleasing look.


The rise of purple in wedding fashion reflects a move towards creativity, individuality, and elegance. Columbus bridal shops are embracing this trend, offering a wide variety of options for brides and bridesmaids.

Whether searching for “bridal shops near me” or seeking inspiration for your wedding theme, exploring the world of purple might be the perfect way to add a regal touch to your big day. In Columbus, Ohio, this trend is not just a fleeting fashion statement but a captivating expression of elegance that will remain memorable for years to come.