Pretty in Pink: Pink Wedding Dresses for Daring Brides

White wedding dresses will always be a go-to for most brides. However, pink wedding dresses have almost caught up in popularity these days. The color pink complements most skin tones. Plus, it gives the bride a feminine, ethereal look. You don’t have to be a bohemian creative in order to wear a pink wedding gown. Whether you’re a rock musician or a traditional administrative assistant, any type of bride can make an amazing impression in their pink wedding dress that you got after searching through bridal stores in Columbus.

Color Coordinating With the Wedding Party

If you’re wearing pink on your wedding day, prepare beforehand by getting a swatch of fabric that matches your potential wedding gown. Use this swatch to find complementary colors that your bridesmaids and groomsmen will wear. This sounds easier than it is in reality. Finding colors that won’t clash with your pink wedding dress can be somewhat difficult. But you can get help from your bridal store or a wedding planner.

What Shade of Pink Are You Considering for Your Wedding Dress?

If you got married a couple of years ago, looking for a pink wedding gown may have been akin to finding a needle in a haystack. These days, many bridal stores have caught onto the blush wedding dress trend. You can find dresses in many different shades of pink.

Brides with warmer undertones in their skin should select a pink that has bases in yellow or peach. Those with cooler undertones should look at gowns that have grey bases. An easy way to remember this styling trick is to think “warm undertones = warm colors. Cool undertones = cool colors.

Be Unique on Your Wedding Day

Every bride should feel beautiful, amazing and powerful on their wedding day. While there’s nothing wrong with the traditional white wedding dress, you can shake things up by choosing a pink gown for your big day. Not only is pink a flattering color for many brides, but you’re choosing to wear a wedding gown that feels and looks good to you.