Wedding Day Themes That You’ll Love

Not only do you want your wedding day to be one that you’ll treasure in the moment, but you want the memory to last a lifetime. The top wedding day themes in 2020 and beyond will make for a memorable wedding experience that will lead you into a lifetime of happiness with your partner. Let’s take a look at a few options.

Rustic Wedding Day Themes

Although not necessarily a “new” theme for your wedding day, rustic has become one of the most popular in recent years and with good reason.

As you work with your bridal boutique, think farms, old buildings, natural wood and cellar doors that are coupled with native greenery.

This wedding day theme presents a relaxed vibe that focuses on fun for you and your guests. If you’re a location-savvy couple and want the rustic feel and look, think about transforming a newer reception and ceremony area into this theme.

It’s great for couples working on a budget.

Romantic Wedding Day Theme

The romantic theme carries many traditional wedding elements. For this reason, they’re a highly popular theme for couples.

For this theme, the key focus is on the reason you’re here to begin with: love.

For a successful romantic theme, think natural golden lighting, couple’s cake-cutting and that all-important first dance.

Fair or festoon lights give a romantic theme a magical touch.

Glamorous and Contemporary Wedding Day Themes

This theme will wow your guests and give them something amazing to remember. Some refer to this memorable wedding day theme as a luxurious wedding.

It focuses on glam aesthetics and elements. To pull it off, think bold floral installations, food trucks that serve food rather than a standard sit-and-eat reception, and even dance floor pyrotechnics!

To truly cap off a luxury wedding, opt for locations that feature cityscapes. Consider challenging the idea of a traditional wedding cake with a more unique dessert option.


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