Tips for Hassle-Free Wedding Dress Shopping

Planning a wedding presents so many challenges that it’s difficult for brides-to-be not to feel overwhelmed. One of the biggest elements of the wedding on the bride’s side is the dress. Choosing from among the bridal stores in Columbus is the first hurdle. Finding the perfect dress and making sure you look stunning in it is the next. Your dress selection process and fittings may not materialize like a scene from your favorite rom-com, but the process can still be fun and hassle-free.

Picking the Dress

Some women have been dreaming of their dream wedding gown since they were little girls, but many never gave it a second thought until faced with a selection at their wedding boutique. Researching styles and setting a realistic budget for the dress before you shop will help narrow your choices. Experienced wedding stylists have a knack of finding flattering styles for any budget; a skilled seamstress will make it look like it was made just for you. Most bridal stores have both on staff.

Who Should You Bring With You?

It’s tempting to bring your whole wedding party, your mother, your aunt, and your sister, but too many opinions can only add to the stress. For your initial visit to the bridal store, bring only one or two people whose judgment you trust. It’s fine to get opinions. Just remember that it’s your dress and your day. What matters most is how you feel about the dress.

Fittings and Other Fun Things

Ideally, you should choose your dress at least six months before the big day. That will allow plenty of time for fittings and alterations. It’s important that the gown fits comfortably and photographs well, but you should also consider how it moves. Will you be able to walk down the aisle with grace or will you be tripping on your train? What about dancing, sitting, or raising your arms? You don’t want to feel uncomfortable or spend the big day tugging at your dress and adjusting wedding gown accessories.

One last fitting should be arranged about a week before the wedding to take care of any last-minute adjustments in plenty of time. Taking a methodical, sane approach will take some of the pressure off so you can focus on your happiness instead.