Three Things to Take to Your Wedding Dress Appointment

Many brides try on dozens of dresses before finding one that looks just right on them. Though you can get feedback from those working in the shop, taking along some close friends and loved ones lets you find out what they think. Whether you have an appointment or just walk into one of these shops, you’ll want to bring some other things along too.

Proper Support

Far too many brides make the mistake of thinking that they can wear the same undergarments that they do any day when shopping for a wedding dress. You actually need to wear or bring the same undergarments that you plan on wearing on your wedding day. If you have an interest in strapless dress, you’ll want a strapless bra that matches. Wearing thinner or lighter underwear lets you see if you have any visible pantie lines too.

Matching Shoes

Some brides pick out their shoes long before they pick out their dresses. If you’re one of those brides, bring along the shoes that you selected. If you don’t yet have shoes, bring along a pair that is the same height as the pair that you want to wear. As they check out dresses in bridal stores Columbus, shoppers can see how those dresses fit with their shoes. You’ll get an idea as to whether you need to alter that dress because it’s too low to the ground or whether you need a longer dress that will work with those shoes.

Loved Ones

One of the most important things to take with you when wedding dress shopping is a few loved ones. They can give you honest feedback about which dresses look best on you and which dresses you should leave on the hangers. You may even get advice on dresses that you wouldn’t otherwise consider. When you have the right shoes, good undergarments and some loved ones with you, you can more easily find your dream wedding dress.